• 08Jun


    PRESS RELEASE: First Choice Expands Vehicle Lift Offerings


    First Choice Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Industry Leading Vehicle Lifts
    First Choice expands its line of product offerings to provide the widest range of innovative lifting solutions.

    From: Office of First Choice Automotive Equipment
    For Immediate Release

    Date: June 8th, 2021

    Phone: 908-526-1500
    Email: info@fclift.com

    – First Choice, leader of Automotive Equipment sales and installation services announces the expansion of its Vehicle Lift offerings today. First Choice is becoming an exclusive distributor for several industry leading manufacturers, which include: Nussbaum Automotive Solutions, OMER USA,.Read More

  • 22Nov


    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Waste Oil Heaters

    How much do you really want to spend to heat your business? Here’s an idea: How about $0. That’s right—Nothing! Now, here’s another question: Why do you pay to have waste oil removed when it’s a valuable fuel for heating? That’s like paying someone to drain your bank account!

    So don’t burn cash! Instead, burn your used oil to heat your business for free. Waste oil heaters are more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional heaters and, on top of that, they’re better for the environment! EnergyLogic waste oil heaters.Read More

  • 21Nov


    First Choice Facility Upgrade

    Facility Upgrade: Air Compressor Replacement

    Check out this recent installation of two new Champion Pneumatic Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors. This customer replaced two Reciprocating Air Compressors that were in service since the 1970’s!

    This was an easy choice, understanding that the overall cost of ownership of their new Hydrovane Compressors will be much lower than their previous models.

    The Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are reliable, versatile, powerful, and cost effective.  They can be found throughout all sectors of industry, including automotive, food and beverage,.Read More

  • 15Nov


    Have You Serviced Your Waste Oil Heater Yet?

    If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, don’t sweat it, take advantage of our service program today. First Choice is staffed with a network of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who will service your waste oil burner for you. From routine maintenance to complex troubleshooting, there is a technician near you available to keep your waste oil burner running at maximum efficiency.

    Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the long life of your equipment. Whether you bought from us or not, we are happy to service, repair, and maintain your equipment. Your equipment is an investment.Read More

  • 14Nov


    Cover Story: Fanning Innovation with HVLS Fans


    In the latest issue of Construction Specifier Magazine, Jonathan Hollist – Research & Development Engineer at MacroAir Fans – contributed an informative cover story discussing various topics on High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan applications.

    MacroAir Fans: The Future of HVLS Fan Development

    Jonathan provides insight on MacroAir’s story of innovation including the invention of the HVLS fan, the future of fan automation, and current industry standards related to performance testing. Highlighted are the sizable advances that MacroAir has made in airflow mapping, specifically the development of AirViz, MacroAir’s one-of-a-kind airflow.Read More

  • 24Oct


    Is Your Waste Oil Going to Waste?

    Stop Paying to Dispose Your Waste Oil

    Even though oil prices are estimated to remain low, people still have to pay waste oil collectors to have used oil removed. However, this isn’t the only option when it comes to addressing waste oil. Waste oil heaters give people the opportunity to take advantage of wasted fuel by recovering it as an energy source. It doesn’t make financial sense anymore to pay someone to discard oil when you can use it for heating at no added cost. Read More

  • 02Oct



    Need a fan but don’t know where to start looking? Well, look no further! Our MacroAIR HVLS Fans are guaranteed to meet your everday needs. To understand why our HVLS Fans do so, we listed just a few of their incredible features they offer. (more…)

  • 14Sep



    EnergyLogic heaters are the simplest to own and operate. That’s because the heaters run on fuels from 5 to 90 weight (even synthetics) and provide consistent, reliable fuel delivery, regardless of fuel type, without manual adjustments. (more…)

  • 14Sep


    Autumn Breeze: Why HVLS Fans are Perfect for the Fall

    In many parts of the world, the fall season is upon us. Children are back at school, leaves are changing colors, and temperatures are beginning to cool off. However, fall can also make climate control a challenge. There are a few signature characteristics of the autumn season that make it a great time to have an HVLS fan installed in your facility. (more…)

  • 29Aug



    At First Choice, we can satisfy any equipment need you have for your garage or shop!

    As an authorized dealer for both Norco Industries and American Forge & Foundry, we have access to a wide variety of tools and equipment. (more…)

  • 18Aug


    HOW TO: Blower Installation

    This is the third part in a series of installation videos for our waste oil furnaces. The video covers each step of the blower installation process from start to finish. (more…)

  • 08Aug


    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Above Ground Oil/Water Separators

    Oil/Water Separators from Containment Solutions, Inc. (CSI) are designed to separate free oils and settleable solids from rainwater runoff and washdown applications via gravity or pumped flow. Their separators feature 10ppm effluent discharge, low maintenance and superior Containment Solutions quality.

    Typical applications for Aboveground Oil/Water Separators are:


  • 08Aug


    Boost Employee Productivity by Installing Big Fans

    Efficiency is crucial for every business. Every business owner is looking for ways to produce more while using less, and an aim to boost employee productivity plays a large role in this effort. When employees are comfortable, engaged, and feel valued in their positions, they are more productive. If your employees consistently complain about uncomfortable working conditions or poor climate control, this is probably hurting your organization’s bottom line in several ways.

    One of the best solutions to improving the indoor climate of your facilities (and thus boosting employee comfort.Read More

  • 02Aug


    10 Tips to Ensure You’re Burning Clean Waste Oil

    Burning clean waste oil is a science. To ensure you’re burning the cleanest, safest waste oil, look to the leading experts in the field.

    Clean Waste Oil – And Why It’s Important

    Clean waste oil is a general term that refers to the sustainability of a fuel. The number of contaminants produced during the burning process determines how clean it is. Fewer contaminants equates to a higher sustainability rating. Clean waste oil is burned at the highest combustion temperatures to eliminate remaining hazardous contaminants and pollutants. Read More

  • 01Aug


    Why HVLS Fans are Perfect for Crowded Places

    HVLS fans are so versatile that they can be used in a number of places – large hangars, warehouses, or manufacturing centers. One area where these fans particularly excel is in crowded areas where huge numbers of people tend to move in and out.

    To understand why HVLS fans do so well in crowded areas, we can look at a few of their key features and some real-world examples of how they’ve been used in places with a lot of people.


    Large coverage areas

    Because HVLS fans have such large blades, the.Read More

  • 18Jul


    How to Solve Ventilation Issues

    There is an ongoing emphasis on energy savings, both for the purpose of achieving sustainable design targets for LEED or Net Zero certifications, and also for the very practical reason that it saves money, possibly a lot of money. Energy cost savings has prompted a lot of building operators to reduce the amount of intake air brought into a space. Fresh air creates an energy demand on the HVAC system because it needs to work to bring that outside air to the thermostat temperature within the building. Read More

  • 10Jul


    Product Spotlight: Drains

    Drain, evacuate and transfer used fluids reliably, quickly and in the most cost effective manner using Graco’s line of portable oil receivers and drains. (more…)

  • 10Jul


    Five productivity tips to help offset rising parts and labor costs

    A lot of things are looking up. Unfortunately, that’s not as great as it sounds for shop owners, because a couple of those things are the cost of parts and labor.

    A recent study shows a 4.7% increase in labor costs and a 1.4% increase in the average cost of parts. Together, that’s a 2.7% increase in overhead for shop owners. As a number, that’s not too big. When your brain sees a number like 2.7%, it often glosses over it. A little voice in the back of your head.Read More

  • 06Jul


    How HVLS Fans Eliminate Ductwork and HVAC Costs

    High-volume-low-speed (HVLS) fans are a great way to control the temperature in your building. The best part about them, however, is that they can greatly reduce your costs. Besides their lower energy consumption, HVLS fans will help you eliminate unnecessary equipment and ductwork. (more…)

  • 26Jun


    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Rousseau Spider Shelving System

    Rousseau Spider Shelving is sturdy and easy to install as well as very versatile. There are 20 standard colors to choose from. The shelving is adjustable to meet your needs and is designed to expand in line with your needs.

    Features and Benefits:

    The unique and versatile design of Spider shelving posts offers up to 7 fixing zones for the various accessories available. Perforations an inch apart for easy adjustment of shelves.

    Offers panels for can holders, plastic bins and various hooks for different uses as well as vinyl decals to easily identify.Read More

  • 22Jun


    Why Less is More with EnergyLogic HVLS Fans

    Have you gotten a fan quote with a huge price tag? Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into paying extra for a brand name and lower quality products. EnergyLogic HVLS fans offer the best warranty in the business without the overhead.

    Custom Solutions

    One advantage of working with us is our knowledgeable team. We have years of hands-on experience calculating your fan needs and installing them. You tell us about your building and goals, and we’ll match you with the perfect solution for your company. No gimmicks, no upsells, just answers.

    Better.Read More

  • 01Jun


    You Don’t Need a Supplier. You Need a Partner

    There are two types of equipment manufacturers in the auto repair industry: suppliers and partners. Suppliers make equipment and sell it to you. That’s it. They’re worried about their own business. And they think that the only way to stay in business is to sell, sell, sell. On the one hand, they’re right. An equipment manufacturer without sales is soon to be an out-of-business equipment manufacturer. But just focusing on sales is very shortsighted. After all, much of the equipment in this industry is complex—both in terms of its.Read More

  • 31May



    Containment Solutions’ Lube Cube® lube oil tanks are the best solution for storage of new and used lubrication oils. Lube Cubes provide lower installed costs than underground tanks, better space utilization than cylindrical aboveground tanks and lower operation costs than 55-gallon drums. (more…)

  • 30May


    Evaporative Cooling with EnergyLogic HVLS Fans

    If you’ve ever experienced a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan, you know what an immense difference they can make in the room temperature. They often provide a much more stable level of control than other, more traditional options like small fans or even HVAC ductwork. As it turns out, there’s a lot of science behind it. (more…)

  • 26May


    Do You Have a Maintenance Plan in Place?

    Let’s talk about maintenance. Some view it as a hassle and something that is only done when absolutely necessary. Others see it as a necessity, a basic function required to keep an operation running smoothly. Every industry and every product is different. But one thing is for sure, in order to keep your shop running at peak performance, some type of maintenance will be required. When looking at options, there are three main maintenance theories followed, all of which have both positive and negative aspects. Read More

  • 18May


    Building Management System Enhanced with HVLS Technology

    A building management system is important. They help your facility manager stay on top of important issues, such as power usage, while giving you the freedom to control everything from lighting to security with a single computer. Building management systems are also primed to work with high-volume, low-speed fans. Both components come together to ensure the best results and maximum efficiency with the least amount of effort required on your part. Putting an HVLS fan into your BMS will provide some truly incredible benefits you can’t ignore. Read More

  • 12May


    New HVLS Fans Product Announcement – AirEffect™

    We are excited to announce a game-changing technology, AirEffect™. This optional control system senses and automatically maintains a desired room temperature using EnergyLogic HVLS fans. Simply set the desired temperature range, and AirEffect™ takes care of the rest. (more…)

  • 03May



    The Rousseau Corner Workstation is the perfect workstation to meet your everyday needs. The workstation offers several configuration choices to meet your personalized requirements. It offers plenty of efficient space as well as many options to maximize storage and a wide range of accessories available for efficient organization. A spacious 30” deep work surface and an ergonomic height of 36” or 40”. All Rousseau Metal products specialize in supplying durable, versatile solutions with modular systems that provide endless configurations to meet your needs. Read More

  • 02May


    Know How: Cleaning The Blower

    EnergyLogic waste oil heaters and furnaces are known for outperforming, outlasting and out saving all others — month after month, year after year. Which means the right investment today will cost you a lot less down the road. (more…)

  • 26Apr



    The Champion Evolution is four times quieter than typical unenclosed reciprocating compressors of the same size. With such a dramatic decrease in decibels, the Evolution continues to be the perfect choice for applications with intermittent duty and a low noise requirement. (more…)

  • 19Apr



    Advanced Compressed Air System Condition Monitoring

    Having accurate, timely readings on the performance of your compressed air piping system can mean the difference between identifying a problem before it occurs, or incurring added costs for equipment repairs…not to mention lost revenue. Transair powered by SCOUT Technology helps you keep your system healthy and operating efficiently. SCOUT consists of a wide range of sensors that provide consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature, humidity, power, and flow. The system collects data so you can take the necessary steps to optimize your.Read More

  • 13Apr


    EL HVLS Fan Boasts the Most Advanced Motor Technology

    When is a fan more than just a fan? When it helps you perform better and more efficiently, creating all-season comfort with reduced energy bills. The EnergyLogic HVLS fan delivers state-of-the-art technology and convenience to you workplace. See how.

    Transverse Flux Turns Motor Physics on Its Side

    EnergyLogic fans are powered by transverse flux, revolutionizing the way your business heats and cools. Transverse.Read More

  • 12Apr



    Graco’s Mechanical Meters are ideal for metered oil and dispense for lighter duty applications, including small maintenance shops, tire-muffler shops, fast-lubes, independent repair facilities and lower volume in-plant applications.

    Graco’s Mechanical Meters have accurate dispensing for a wide variety of vehicle or machine service applications. (more…)

  • 06Apr


    April is National Car Care Month

    Spring driving brings its own hazards such as slick, wet roads. It’s important to make sure your tires, brakes and windshield wipers are ready for the rain. There’s no better time to get your car ready for spring driving and summer road trips than April.

    Basic maintenance can go a long way toward improving the safety and dependability of your vehicle, plus it helps avoid costly repairs down the road. Neglecting vehicle care almost always means much higher costs down the road in the form of more extensive repairs or.Read More

  • 04Apr


    Don’t Wait Until It’s Cold – Here’s Why to Have Your EL Waste Oil Burner Serviced in the Summer

    If you have a waste oil burner, you know it provides a valuable service in by you dispose of waste fuels while powering your heat and industrial processes. Servicing your waste oil burner is an important aspect in assuring continued energy savings and effective operation. Consider servicing your EnergyLogic waste oil burner while the weather is still warm. Here’s why. (more…)

  • 29Mar



    The sleek and styling Harvey Exhaust Rail includes hose, adapter fitting to vehicle and adapter fitting to ductwork stub. The overhead system is easily installed in an existing or new building. It has an elliptically shaped aluminum rail that allows for efficient air flow. It’s gliding trolley assembly allows drops to be shared among bays. It includes a 12” standard rail length for ease of installation (custom lengths are also available). Pinned joints guarantee easy alignment of rail sections. “Positive pull” – nut & bolt joining system with gasketed.Read More

  • 23Mar


    Preparing Your Facility for Season Change

    In many parts of the U.S., temperatures are rising. The summer season brings longer days, lighter clothes and, if you’re not careful, damage to your building and its critical systems.

    Follow the tips below and you can get your facility ready for the hotter months without much stress.

    Change the filters on your HVAC system

    Filters help protect your system from harmful debris and regulate how hard it works. When seasons change, you may need to run your HVAC at a higher level, so be sure your filters are in good condition.Read More

  • 22Mar


    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Rotary Vane Air Compressors

    The Gardner Denver Hydrovane Series range of compressors is engineered to meet the most stringent of specifications. Their compact, simple, robust and integrated design allows them to be fitted anywhere undercover. They are easy to install and maintain as well as extremely quiet. The Gardner Denver Hydrovane Series is available in either tripod or tank mounted versions. They are designed for a wide variety of applications including automobile, car body shops, wood working, dentistry, laundry, packaging and machine tools. Read More

  • 21Mar


    Why Your Waste-Oil Combustion Product Needs a Metering Pump

    Benefits of a Metering Pump in Waste-Oil Combustion

    Waste-oil combustion products and accessories are only as efficient as their ability to facilitate combustion. The balance of fuel, heat, and oxygen must be perfect for ideal combustion within the chamber. Finding and maintaining this balance used to require significant manual adjustments and costly periods of trial and error. Thanks to new technologies, optimal combustion is now possible without effort from the operator. EnergyLogic’s waste-oil combustion products come with side.Read More

  • 17Mar


    3 Ways Small Shops Can Increase Efficiency

    Just because your auto repair shop is small doesn’t mean your goals should be too. Even the tiniest operations can increase revenue, grow their customer base and thrive. The key is to make the most of what you have by increasing efficiency in important areas. Here are three zones to focus on. (more…)

  • 16Mar


    90 Second Know How: Inground Daily Care and Maintenance

    Lifts are machines, and all machines require some preventative maintenance in order to function properly. To make sure that the Inground lift you work under every day is operating at peak performance, take 90 seconds to view this video on Inground daily care and maintenance.  (more…)

  • 09Mar


    HOW TO Priming Process For EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnaces

    This video walks through the priming process for EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnaces. Prior to the initial startup of the furnace, it’s important to make sure that the fuel system is properly primed. This process removes any air bubbles that could cause nuisance flameouts during normal furnace operation. (more…)

  • 08Mar


    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Pipp Mobile Tire Aisle

    Pipp Mobile Storage System’s mission is to design space-saving systems that are responsive to customer specific storage needs; to manufacture our systems to the highest quality standards; and to provide a level of sales and service support that is unsurpassed in the storage products industry. Our extensive product line allows us to tailor our systems for many different storage situations and we have the manufacturing capacity to handle high volume requirements. Our sole focus continues to be on developing ways to help our customers use their storage space wisely..Read More

  • 07Mar


    HVLS Fans “Spring” into Action

    The sun is beginning to shine more often and the trees are regaining their leaves: spring is upon us. For facility managers and others responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature in their space, springtime temperature fluctuations can be quite challenging.

    In some areas of the country, temperatures can change 50 degrees or more between day and night. For example, the National Weather Service reports that in some areas of Texas, temperatures can go from 60-70 degrees during the day down to 10-20 degrees at night. HVLS fans are an excellent solution.Read More

  • 02Mar


    10 Tips to Increase Safety in Your Shop

    Every shop owner/manager is constantly trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of their shop, but it cannot come at the sacrifice of safety. The priority is to ensure the employees go home in the same way they came, so when it comes to safety, nothing is a good thing. Safety is when nothing happens. No incidents, no injuries, no close calls, nothing. Every shop has their own unique rules and guidelines, however, some rules are transcendent and should be applied anywhere there is a vehicle lift in use..Read More

  • 01Mar


    Cheap Parts Could Cost More in the Long Run

    When you need replacement parts for your Rotary lift, it’s tempting to purchase imitation parts rather than Rotary Lift parts. After all, those imitation parts are often less expensive. But cheap doesn’t just describe the price. It also describes the quality. And many times, cheap parts can cost you a lot more than genuine, well made parts. Here’s how: (more…)

  • 28Feb


    Graco Lubrication Equipment Overview

    In this video, you wil hear about Graco’s core values, dedication to quality products and investment in engineering and manufacturing.


  • 28Feb


    Why Graco Fire-Ball?

    Established in 1955, the Fire-Ball has built a legacy as the mainstay pump in the lubrication industry. Look inside the Fire-Ball pump which has endured the test of time.


    Field-Proven Reliability

    For nearly 60 years, Graco Fire-Ball pumps have been a mainstay in the lubrication marketplace for durability and long life. Designed for the toughest applications, the Fire-Ball repeatedly outperforms and outlasts the competition.


    Graco Fire-Ball pumps have fewer moving parts for less repair, minimal downtime and many years of reliable service. Constructed with a thick cast.Read More

  • 15Feb


    NEW! Service Advisor Desk by Rousseau

    Rousseau has once again expanded its range of automotive products this year. Introducing the new service advisor desk! This high-quality and immaculately finished product is ideal for greeting customers. Customers will be impressed by how it adds professionalism to the reception area.

    The design team focused on cable management and ergonomics so that the workstation is as functional as possible. Personalized panels are also available so every dealership can highlight their brand image.  (more…)

  • 14Feb


    3 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Column Lifts

    If you’re thinking about adding mobile column lifts to your shop, you likely know the basics of how they work and some of the benefits they can bring, but here’s what you may not realize: (more…)

  • 08Feb


    NEW! TekZone Hutches

    NEW! TekZone workstation hutches create a secure and personalized workspace that provides optimal organization and protection for your equipment. These spacious hutches install over workbenches or cabinets and come in a variety of configurations. There is also a wide range of accessories available to help keep your work surface clear. (more…)

  • 07Feb


    4 Benefits of Buying Large Fans from a Distributor

    Buying your large fans from a distributor may seem a bit antiquated in this age of eCommerce, but it’s still the best choice. Why? Because distributors build up their name by offering exceptional, personalized service to their customers. Distributors provide a host of local pre-sale and post-sale services, ensuring their customers purchase the correct products and enjoy the solutions they set out to achieve. Here are some key benefits to expect from working with a large fan distributor: Read More

  • 24Jan


    Graco Announces Dealertrack Interface with Matrix® Total Fluid Management System

    Graco Announces Dealertrack Interface with Matrix® Total Fluid Management System

    Capturing every dispense and every dollar

    MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 24, 2017) – Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is pleased to announce the addition of a Dealertrack DMS (dealer management system) Opentrack platform interface with Graco’s Matrix Total Fluid Management System. With this new interface, users can ensure the right fluid and amount is used and billed to a valid work order every time. Read More

  • 24Jan


    How MacroAir HVLS Fans Solve the Problem of Heat Rising to the Ceiling



    Creating a comfortable home or work environment can help family members and employees live happier and healthier. One of the largest determining factors of overall comfort level is temperature. While many environments use central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to regulate temperature, these systems can be horribly inefficient, still leaving you to suffer with stagnant air. Thankfully, MacroAir’s HVLS fans can help keep your space feeling comfortable year-round. (more…)

  • 17Jan


    Save Money Today by Burning Your Waste Oil

    As the global demand for oil dwindles, oil prices are dropping to new, consistent lows. Many believe that this trend will continue into the near future. As we take the initiative to move away from fossil fuels, experts see this momentum as the beginning of new era that will reshape how we think about energy strategy & offers more insight about gas and oil conditions. (more…)

  • 19Dec


    Why Should You Hire an ALI Certified Lift Inspector?

    ANSI standards mandate that a qualified lift inspector must inspect all vehicle lifts at least annually. Many companies will tell you that their inspectors are qualified to perform these inspections. But the only independent verification of lift inspector qualification in North America is the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program. (more…)

  • 19Dec


    First Choice Lift Inspection Program

    Introduction: OSHA mandates that all automotive lifts be inspected annually to ensure a safe working environment for employees. This mandate also gives business owners the benefit that their valuable investment stays in proper working condition so that the maximum usage and life-span be achieved.

    (Step 1) Detailed Inspection: A First Choice authorized and factory trained service technician completes a detailed inspection on the specified lifts. The observations and information gathered will be compiled into a detailed report and given to the customer. This report will reflect the condition of the.Read More

  • 19Dec


    45º Through-Wall Flue Kit

    Better than running horizontal flue piping through the wall. Everything you need in one easy-to-install bundle that won’t leave you exhausted. Introducing the EnergyLogic 45º Through-Wall Flue Kit. (more…)

  • 19Dec


    New Product: Energy Logic SmartStat™ Wireless

    The EnergyLogic SmartStat™ Wireless thermostat and monitoring system launches waste oil heating into the digital stratosphere. Stay connected to your waste oil heating system wherever you are and never worry about missing another service. (more…)

  • 19Dec


    How to Determine What Type of Compressor You Need

    How to Determine What Type of Compressor You Need

    First of all, selecting an air system can be quite difficult and can be very different depending on the

    specific application and need of the shop. Always consult a compressed air specialist when determining which equipment is right for you and your application. Listed below is a summary of the steps required to select the appropriate air compressor and system for your specific application. (more…)

  • 14Dec


    What You Need to Know About Waste Oil Holding Tanks

    Waste oil holding tanks are specifically designed to store waste oil—far exceeding the capacity of ordinary fuel tanks. Sophisticated waste oil holding tanks are sustainable and highly effective at maintaining the cleanest possible waste oil by reducing the potential for recontamination. Some tanks even go as far as to remove excess impurities from the oil that naturally settle and separate. Preserving quality waste oil is critical for efficient burning later on.

    What to Look for in a Waste Oil Tank

    Managing waste oil is a delicate process that should only be.Read More

  • 29Nov


    5 Common Questions About HVLS Fans

    By Jaylin Krell

    Although HVLS fans have been on the market for a while, there are still people that are unfamiliar with them. Many of these people could be enjoying the benefits of HVLS fans if they understood a bit more about how these fans work and why they are so effective at helping with climate control concerns.

    Here are answers to five of the most common questions about HVLS fans:

    1) How Much Does an HVLS Fan Cost?

    The short answer: it depends. As is the case with most types of industrial.Read More

  • 28Nov


    Exclusive EnergyLogic Deals



    Don’t miss out! For a limited time you can take advantage of 24 months no interest financing. Deals closed between now and December 16th are eligible, pending individual approvals.


    We will be offering an End User Rebate on all sales not involving a Trade In or Additional Unit between now and December the 16th .  With proof of registration, the end user will get a rebate per the schedule below.


    140H                     $ 300

    200H                     $ 400

    350H                     $ 500

    Boilers                  $ 600


    TRADE-IN AND GET UP TO $2000.Read More

  • 19Sep


    10 Waste Oil Benefits You’re Missing Out On

    By EnergyLogic

    Oil has the benefit of never wearing out – it can be cleaned and reused many times. In other words – it should be recycled. The process for recycling waste oil includes water extraction, filtering, de-asphalting, and distillation. The oil can then be reused for use in motorized equipment, turned into hydraulic oil, or used to make plastics.

    Another way to use waste oil efficiently is as heating fuel. Waste oil heat production can heat water or be a source of warmth in colder months. Waste oil heaters and boilers use waste oil as a.Read More

  • 02Aug


    Top 5 Advantages of Using Gearless Fans

    By Jaylin Krell

    If you’re looking into HVLS fans or any other kind of solution for increased airflow, you should know about gearless fans. These cutting-edge HVLS fans are superior to traditional fans in almost every way – here are five of the most important:

    1) No leaks

    If your HVLS fan doesn’t have a gearbox, it means there is no need to worry about lubricating fluid leaking out of the fan and causing a mess or damage to the fan itself. With a gearless fan, you don’t even need to use lubricating.Read More

  • 09May


    Product Spotlight: RLP77

    To say “dynamite comes in small packages” may be the greatest understatement ever made if referring to Rotary’s new RLP77. Rotary recently introduced this all new double section scissor lift and expects big things out of its tiny foot print. A sleek design coupled with some of the industry’s most innovative features makes this lift a must have in any shop environment.

    The RLP77 can fit into the tightest spots, while still giving you power and wheels free pick-up. The powerful motor raises the platforms to the full rise height.Read More

  • 22Dec


    Clean Harbors Announces Increase to Stop Fees Within Safety-Kleen Waste Oil Business in Response to Market Dynamics

    NORWELL, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Clean Harbors, Inc. (“Clean Harbors”) (NYSE: CLH), the leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America, today announced that its Safety-Kleen subsidiary again is revising pricing related to managing used engine and industrial oils. Effective immediately, Safety-Kleen Environmental will be targeting an increase of $80 per stop with all customers across its used oil customer base.

    Kevin Hayden, Executive Vice President, Safety-Kleen Environmental, said, “We are again taking the necessary steps to address the continuing rapid decline in crude oil indices and base.Read More

  • 25Jun


    Cake Boss Meets ……. Lift Boss?

    Take a look at a recent installation for the very own, Buddy Valastro, the star of Cake Boss. It is one thing to have the opportunity to do business for a celebrity, it’s another when that celebrity is a great global role model. From being a genuine and down to earth guy, to a real family man, Buddy continues to do it all.

    “So cool to have the guys from First Choice Automotive Equipment install three Rotary Lift 4-Post storage lifts at home,” Valastro said. “Nothing like making the most of the space.Read More