• 19Dec


    New Product: Energy Logic SmartStat™ Wireless.

    The EnergyLogic SmartStat™ Wireless thermostat and monitoring system launches waste oil heating into the digital stratosphere. Stay connected to your waste oil heating system wherever you are and never worry about missing another service.

    1 The Power of Connection

    RedLINK™ internet connectivity provides 100% remote monitoring for runtime, low fuel, service reminders and more. You can also set and automate temperature remotely. This innovative technology will even push notifications to you directly via email or text.

    2 Thermostat of the Future

    Every SmartStat™ Wireless system is equipped with the state-of-the-art Honeywell Prestige IAQ Thermostat, featuring RedLINK™ connectivity, performance logs, custom color schemes and multiple, programmable staging options.

    3 Multiple Furnace Capability

    Monitor and control up to four waste oil heating units per installed RedLINK™ router system from your computer, phone or tablet.* (Free app available for download).

    4 Building Automation and Security

    Two ‘Normally Closed’ (NC) contacts allow you to hardwire the SmartStat™ Wireless system to existing alarm systems, and lockout functionality keeps unwanted thermostat tampering at bay.

    5 Digital Runtime Displays

    The top display on the remote hour meter signifies total runtime for the lifespan of your waste oil heater while the bottom display signifies the amount of hours that the unit has run since the last remote hour meter reset.

    6 Service Indication Alarms on the Go

    Service alarms are pre-set at 800 hours of runtime. A glowing red LED light on the remote hour meter visually indicates when your waste oil furnace is due for an ash cleaning. The system can also notify you via text or email with RedLINK™.

    7 Automation at Your Fingertips

    Automated set point programming is ideal for when less heat is needed in your space – perfect for nights, weekends or working remotely from your shop. View and change settings at your leisure over the web.

    8 Easy to Mount, Easy to Access

    Display can easily be wall-mounted at eye level for physical access away from your waste oil furnace