Service Department

The First Choice Service Department provides the many needed services that our automotive products require including:
Our Service Crews and technicians are all factory trained and authorized by our suppliers enabling First Choice to deliver unmatched capabilities and expertise. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to complete any type of job with speed, efficiency, and precision. Here at First Choice we understand how valuable operating time is, and that any facility down-time can be extremely costly to the customer. That’s why we provide Emergency Service to our customers. We can dispatch any of our own service crews at a moments notice to get your shop back up and running as fast as possible.

We provide service to all brands that we sell, as well as many other brands including: Accu-turn, Lincoln, Balcrank, and many more…


At First Choice, we can handle any size job whether it be small or large. Over the years we have worked to acquire all of the proper equipment to assure we are efficient installing the products and that our quality of our work is best in the industry. We achieve this by our technicians being factory-trained and certified to ensure the products are installed to function properly as per their design. We can handle from simple two post lift installation up to a full facility with various equipment systems.

Our advantage is that we take over the project management end of the deal. We communicate directly to your contractor and deliver all of the necessary information they need such as electrical, concrete, and other acquirements needed for startup and commissioning.

For the past 20 years, First Choice has worked to acquire the right tools for the job. That is why we roll onto your site with all of the proper equipment including excavators, skid steers, forklifts, scissor man-lifts, concrete saws, etc.

Our capabilities include:

  • Above ground lifts
  • In-ground lifts
  • Above ground exhaust systems
  • In-ground exhaust systems
  • Full lubrication and piping systems


  • Full compressed air and piping systems
  • Waste oil heaters and HVAC systems
  • Abandonments of hydraulic in-ground lifts
  • Startup commissioning and training

ALI Certified
Lift Inspections

Lift safety is our top priority, and it should be yours as well! Our certified technicians and elaborate inspection program will ensure you and your co-workers are working in a safe environment. All automotive lifts should be inspected annually to ensure a safe working environment for employees. This mandate also gives business owners the benefit that their valuable investment stays in proper working condition so that the maximum usage and life-span be achieved.  An ALI certified inspection is completed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Automotive Lift Institute.


The Process:

  • The Call: Your approval sets the process in motion. Once you give the official approval to our Preventative Maintenance and Safety Department, we initiate your work order and schedule the inspections.
  • The full service Inspection: One of our highly experienced inspectors arrive onsite and begin the elaborate and detailed process. We complete a certified 6 page form giving you every detail regarding your lifts current state and condition. On top of that, our technician takes time to complete some of the recommended services set forth by your lifts manufacturer. This includes: cable adjustments, lubrication of certain lift components, replacement of minor hardware (hog-rings, p-clamps, etc.)
  • The report: Our staff reviews the inspector’s findings and contacts you for further discussion. We send you each 6-page copy of the inspection report for your records. If your lift meets all of the requirements, we move to the next step (below). If not, we provide you a detailed explanation of why and what the lift needs to meet the industry standards. A detailed quotation is provided and our staff works with you to meet your budget.
  • The label: Once your lift meets the industry standards, our technicians affix the approval decal on your piece of equipment. This sticker is valid for one calendar year, until your next scheduled inspection.


We at First Choice believe that one of the most important factors of any business relationship is the service and care after the sale has been made. Let’s face it, you’ve made a large investment with the intention of benefiting from a profitable return. This is why we have a dedicated department which focuses on alerting you of upcoming required service intervals. Our professional office staff will contact you with pricing and scheduling information to keep you compliant with industry standards and warranty regulations. Preventative maintenance has proven time and time again to not only prolong the lifespan of your equipment but to drastically reduce costly breakdowns and repair bills.

Did you buy your equipment from someone else? Are you experiencing complications? You can rely on First Choice’s experienced technicians to properly correct any errors that may have been made installing the product and properly recommend the appropriate services needed for trouble free operation. Whether you bought from us or not, we are happy to service, repair, and maintain your equipment. Your equipment is an investment worth protecting.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are the life’s blood of any facilities operations. Breakdowns and downtime can take a facilities production to a screeching halt. An exuberant amount of revenue and profit can be lost in just a few short hours. That is why our preventative maintenance department works every day to prevent these situations from occurring. Assuring the air compressors are properly maintained at specific intervals is the first step to a worry free operation whether you have a simple reciprocating compressor or a complex rotary screw unit; our factory-trained technicians can provide the required service with expertise and efficiency.

Services include:

  • Oil/coolant changes
  • Replacement of separator elements
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Replacement of cabinet filters
  • Replacement of belts
  • Reconfiguration of microprocessor controls

Waste oil
heater pm’s

Waste oil heaters require annual maintenance and cleaning in order to properly function. Additionally, each state EPA/DEP Agency requires a stack emissions test to be performed to ensure the waste oil heater is functioning and performing as designed. In order to complete these services as quickly and efficiently as possible 100% of our work is conducted on our customer’s premises. We do not remove or return burners or other components from the site. Annual services are completed at competitive rates and include:

  • Removal of ash build up
  • Sweeping of flue and chimneys
  • Breakdown and replacement of nozzles
  • Removal and replacement of gaskets and seals
  • Removal and replacement of filters
  • Stack emissions testing
  • Full inspection of the complete system to ensure everything is running normally

general repair

We at First Choice know firsthand that every second your piece of equipment is down you lose profit revenue. Quick response and repair is essential to our customer’s success. We have an established fleet of fully stocked vehicles that are ready to be dispatched all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Southern Connecticut. It is important for our department to remain flexible in order to respond within hours of an emergency.

Emergency requests such as:

  • Air compressor failures
  • Lubrication pump failures
  • Lift failures and vehicles stuck on lifts
  • Waste oil heater failures
  • And more…

lubrication pump
rebuilds/loaner pumps

Are you having issues with your Fresh Oil/Lubricant Pump? Do you have a line of customers waiting to have their oil changed or other fluids replaced? Give First Choice a call today! Our vehicles are equipped with loaner pumps and can get you back up and pumping oil/lubricants as quickily as possible. We also carry a wide variety of rebuild kits as well, no matter who your pump manufacturer may be, such as Graco, Alemite, Balcrank, ARO, RAASM, or Samson. Our trained technicians can either rebuild your pump onsite at your facility, or you can drop your pump off at our warehouse.

Pumps include:

  • Fresh Oil/Lubricant Piston Style Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps for Anti-Freeze or Waste Oil
  • Graco Fireball Series
  • Graco 1040, 1050 Diaphragm Pumps
  • Balcrank Panther Series, Lynx Series, Tiger Series, etc.
  • Alemite RAM Series
  • Samson PumpMaster Series
  • Pumps for Motor Oil, Synthetic Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Oil, Anti-Freeze, Grease, Waste Oil, and more….

robinair machine

We understand how critical it is for your Robinair machine to be up and running during the summer season. That is why we at First Choice have dedicated Robinair service trucks. Our goal is to increase response times and increase customer satisfaction. Have you scheduled a preventative service appointment for your Robinair machine? Do you need replacement parts and filters? Give our office a call today to speak to a service representative and don’t get stuck with a broken machine.