Lift Safety & ALI Certified Lift Inspections

LIFT SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY, and it should be yours as well! Our certified technicians and elaborate inspection
program will ensure you and your co-workers are working in a safe environment.


The Process

1. The Call

Your approval sets the process in motion. Once you give the official approval to our Preventative Maintenance and Safety Department, we initiate your work order and schedule the inspections.

2. The Full Service Inspection

One of our highly experienced inspectors arrive onsite and begin the elaborate and detailed process. We complete a certified 6 page form giving you every detail regarding your lifts current state and condition. On top of that, our technician takes time to complete some of the recommended services set forth by your lifts manufacturer. This includes: cable adjustments, lubrication of certain lift components, replacement of minor hardware (hog-rings, p-clamps, etc.)

3. The Report

Our staff reviews the inspector’s findings and contacts you for further discussion. We send you each 6-page copy of the inspection report for your records. If your lift meets all of the requirements, we move to the next step (below). If not, we provide you a detailed explanation of why and what the lift needs to meet the industry standards. A detailed quotation is provided and our staff works with you to meet your budget.

4. The Label

Once your lift meets the industry standards, our technicians affix the approval decal on your piece of equipment. This sticker is valid for one calendar year, until your next scheduled inspection.

All automotive lifts should be inspected annually to ensure a safe working environment for employees. This mandate also gives business owners the benefit that their valuable investment stays in proper working condition so that the maximum usage and life-span be achieved. An ALI certified inspection is completed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Automotive Lift Institute.

Who is ALI?

The Automotive Lift Institute, ALI, is currently credentialed by ANSI, and recognized by the International Accreditation Forum as an Accredited Standards Developer and a Product Certification Organization. ALI sponsors several nationally recognized automotive lift safety standards and offers a Third-Party Certification Program for automotive lift products and automotive lift inspection services provided by inspectors.

First Choice is recognized as an ALI Certified Lift Inspector

ANSI Certification

The ALI Lift Certification Program received ANSI accreditation in November 2001 and ALI was granted permission to use the “ANSI Accredited Certification Program” mark.  The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program received ANSI accreditation in September 2015 and ALI was granted permission to use the “ANSI Accredited Certification Program” mark.

These ANSI programs have been established to provide government, industry and those purchasing and using automotive lifts with confidence in the competence of third-party product certification programs like ALI’s Automotive Lift Certification Program and Lift Inspector Certification Program.