• 14Feb


    3 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Column Lifts.

    If you’re thinking about adding mobile column lifts to your shop, you likely know the basics of how they work and some of the benefits they can bring, but here’s what you may not realize:

    1. They really are mobile.

    One of the biggest advantages of these types of lifts is that the columns are battery powered and not locked down, which means they can be moved anywhere. And if you opt for a wireless model, you won’t have to bother with cords at all.

    Mobility also means that the columns can be stored to the side of the main shop floor, creating extra space that can be used for other tasks. As your shop’s business grows and expands, this is particularly crucial, because it means that more repairs can be done without having to do costly renovations to increase shop floor space. The columns can even be used outside in good weather. That can be a huge benefit for repairs because it means techs won’t be spending time trying to move vehicles from one location to another.

    2. Techs love them.

    Compared to creepers and dedicated bays, most techs would pick mobile column lifts whenever possible. That’s because the columns are versatile enough to be moved to the job at hand, are free of electrical cords and allow techs to stand up to do their work – which leads to higher safety levels, reduced back injury risk and more efficient operations. Also, the battery power means that any electrical issues in the shop won’t leave a truck up on a lift, unable to be lowered.

    All those productivity and safety gains not only benefit a shop’s bottom line, but also its tech retention rate. In a competitive market for skilled mechanics, recruitment and retention are top priorities for many shop owners. Implementing equipment that techs love and appreciate is critical.

    3. Good lifts are certified.

    There are many lift manufacturers, but not all are created equal. Some do rigorous testing on every single lift, while others may not. It’s worth the investment to go with lifts that have been tested thoroughly to make sure you’re getting a quality product that’s been proven to meet or exceed industry safety and performance standards.

    For example, Rotary mobile column lifts are tested by the Automotive Lift Institute to earn a gold label certification. Lift testing and certification is voluntary for manufacturers, not mandatory, so the pursuit of a gold label by an independent testing organization like ALI offers assurance that the manufacturer takes safety and quality very seriously.


    Source: www.rotary.com