• 21Nov


    First Choice Facility Upgrade.

    Facility Upgrade: Air Compressor Replacement

    Check out this recent installation of two new Champion Pneumatic Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors. This customer replaced two Reciprocating Air Compressors that were in service since the 1970’s!

    This was an easy choice, understanding that the overall cost of ownership of their new Hydrovane Compressors will be much lower than their previous models.

    The Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are reliable, versatile, powerful, and cost effective.  They can be found throughout all sectors of industry, including automotive, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing (engineering, woodworking and processing industries) to name but a few, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow.  In fact they are the perfect business solution to meet your requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas.

    The low noise levels of the Hydrovane compressor means that they can be installed right alongside your equipment.  Models are available in either an open format or fitted with enclosure panels that further reduce noise levels.





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