• 21Mar


    Why Your Waste-Oil Combustion Product Needs a Metering Pump.

    Benefits of a Metering Pump in Waste-Oil Combustion

    Waste-oil combustion products and accessories are only as efficient as their ability to facilitate combustion. The balance of fuel, heat, and oxygen must be perfect for ideal combustion within the chamber. Finding and maintaining this balance used to require significant manual adjustments and costly periods of trial and error. Thanks to new technologies, optimal combustion is now possible without effort from the operator. EnergyLogic’s waste-oil combustion products come with side suction metering pumps, along with preheaters and onboard air compressors, to ensure complete, efficient fuel combustion. Here’s why we choose to use metering pumps.

    Better Performance Reliability

    A metering pump is a device that moves an exact volume of fuel within a specified time. This provides an accurate flow rate and consistent delivery of fluids. The pump automatically calculates the precise amount of liquid to move for combustion, never using a drop too much or too little. It pumps just the right amount of fuel, regardless of fuel density or viscosity. The metering pumps in EnergyLogic’s products can handle fuels from five to 90 weight, including synthetics. Part of what makes this possible is our patented metering pump by Danfoss.

    Our patented metering pump takes the responsibility of manual adjustments off the operator’s shoulders. It makes the fuel process technical, enabling computerized precision in terms of the amount of fuel and timing for delivery. A metering pump is more exact than manual adjustments could ever be, leading to zero wasted fuel and a higher-performing unit. It grants the ability to deliver exact amounts of fluid regardless of fuel type, working together with the AccuTemp preheater to maximize heat output of burned fuel. Reliable and consistent fuel delivery keeps a heater operating properly at all times, minimizing breakdowns and costly waste of fuel.

    Performance reliability is important for heaters and furnaces. A broken furnace can lead to an uncomfortable and unproductive workplace, or customers complaining in a retail environment. Spotty, irregular performance can lead to a less-clean burn, a higher chance for breakdown, and a greater need for routine maintenance. It could also potentially lead to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) liability if your heater is inefficient at delivering fuel and eliminating exhaust.

    Better Energy Efficiency

    A metering pump is an ideal way to ensure your business is operating according to EPA standards and regulations. Heaters with metering pumps reduce the amount of energy a furnace needs to expend for combustion. Metering pumps use meshed gears to move a consistent quantity of fluid with each rotation. The pump uses gear teeth to move the oil like a water wheel. The gear can measures the amount of fluid throughout, granting accurate control of volumetric oil output. This means no unnecessary fuel pressure, work, or energy – unlike many fuel delivery systems that are overpowered and bleed off extra fuel pressure.

    When combined with a preheater and onboard air compressor, the metering pump guarantees efficient fuel combustion regardless of fuel type, viscosity changes, or flash point changes. In other systems, even small fuel property changes during a single operation cycle can throw the combustion quality off and inhibit energy efficiency. What’s more, the metering pumps at EnergyLogic have longer life and higher durability, thanks to their alloy metal construction. Longer life means less wasted money and materials.

    User-Friendly Operation

    One of the best things about metering pumps is their ease of use. There is never a need for adjustments. This is in contrast to typical units that may require frequent manual adjustments to keep a consistent rate of fuel, oxygen, and heat. The metering pump automates the fuel release process, eliminating the role of the operator. Precise pump speeds and fuel ratios are set for each individual furnace upon installation. The pump keeps these amounts up for the duration of its long life, delivering correct flow rates no matter what type of oil is used. The pump provides optimum performance for any waste-oil furnace, especially when paired with other special components at EnergyLogic.

    Source: www.energylogic.com