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    10 Tips to Ensure You’re Burning Clean Waste Oil.

    Burning clean waste oil is a science. To ensure you’re burning the cleanest, safest waste oil, look to the leading experts in the field.

    Clean Waste Oil – And Why It’s Important

    Clean waste oil is a general term that refers to the sustainability of a fuel. The number of contaminants produced during the burning process determines how clean it is. Fewer contaminants equates to a higher sustainability rating. Clean waste oil is burned at the highest combustion temperatures to eliminate remaining hazardous contaminants and pollutants.

    When burned efficiently, no dangerous leftover residue should enter the atmosphere or surrounding environment. Energy experts already understand what it takes to burn clean waste oil, which is why it’s possible to manufacture products like waste oil burners in the first place. To learn exactly what it takes to burn clean waste oil, let’s move directly to the cleanest waste oil burner on the market.

    Expert Tips

    First, you must have the right equipment to ensure you’re burning clean waste oil. Burning oil with an unsustainable heating device will never produce a high-quality, clean product. Next, follow these tips:

    Use a heater that’s EPA approved. This means it has passed the necessary regulations; it’s safe for humans to use and safe for the natural environment.

    Double the heat rise. Burning fuels and oils at the highest possible temperature ensures the lowest amount of ash accumulation and lowers the risk for potential pollutants to survive. The flame retention head feature on Energy Logic heaters enables total combustion, so there’s no leftover residue. Flames at 1,500 degrees or higher produce the highest heat output available (about 120 degrees). The most efficient burner will produce the cleanest burning of oil—and Energy Logic heaters have the highest heat output of any heater currently on the market.

    Use a heater that burns a variety of oil. Energy Logic heaters burn the widest range of oils, including synthetics and other qualifying fuels, to ensure complete combustion of materials. Energy Logic heaters have the capacity to burn fuels anywhere from No.2 – 90W. With the exception of one, every other competitive waste oil burner on the market can only burn No.2 – 50W.

    Low maintenance heaters are an indicator of clean waste oil burning. A heater that stays cleaner longer simply produces the cleanest waste oil. Energy Logic heaters are the only on the market that are equipped with swing-away burners. They also have a unique ash removal port to make cleaning quick and easy.

    Energy Logic heaters are constructed with light, stainless steel smart technology. This allows them to burn clean waste oil at efficient temperatures. The stainless steel heat exchanger conducts heat fast and is far more resilient. In contrast, the carbon steel materials generally used in competitor heaters can’t withstand the high temperatures that the Beckett burner produces. Stainless steel heaters are less prone to warping, corrosion, and breakage over time, so they burn clean waste oil faster and more efficiently for decades.

    An efficient heater will require less oil to burn overall, as it won’t waste any excess product or need to be replenished as quickly. This kind of recycling is sustainable, since it reduces the potential for waste and toxic material ending up in the environment.

    It’s difficult to burn clean waste oil if the heater can’t always secure a source of heat availability. Most heaters require connection to an external source of air, like shop air, in order to run. For this purpose, Energy Logic heaters house their own air compressors. This helps the heaters burn cleaner oil because they can run seamlessly—further eliminating the potential introduction of outside contaminants.

    A heater that has options in terms of size and where it can be used will help you burn oil safely and within proper EPA regulations. Energy Logic heaters are versatile in terms of size and installment.

    Ensuring that oil burns clean and remains clean has a lot to do with how it’s stored. Investing in the right waste oil tanks can actively remove impurities to provide the least amount of contamination.

    Listen to the experts. You need the right resources, knowledge base, and support to succeed at anything. With Energy Logic, you can be confident that you’re burning clean waste oil! Don’t forget, results matter. Trust a company with years of combined experience and long-term success.

    First Choice offers the safest, most efficient, cleanest waste oil heaters on the market. Smart, innovative designs and high-quality stainless steel construction make these heaters the most efficient and sustainable option for producing clean waste oil.

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