• 19Dec


    45º Through-Wall Flue Kit.

    Better than running horizontal flue piping through the wall. Everything you need in one easy-to-install bundle that won’t leave you exhausted. Introducing the EnergyLogic 45º Through-Wall Flue Kit.

    1 Made for Waste Oil

    Our double-wall flue kit with stainless steel inner pipe and galvanized outer pipe* are zinc-plated and rust-resistant for toughness and quality that will last for years. When it comes to waste-oil heating, this bundle is designed to take the heat for a long time (Stainless or galvanized steel exteriors available).

    2 Angled for Less Cleaning

    The 45º angle of the through-wall piping allows for proper ventilation without all of the problems associated with 90º bends or horizontal piping. Clean and worry less about your exhaust flue with this simple solution!

    3 Easy to Install

    This kit comes with everything you need to ventilate your waste-oil heater through your exterior wall.* It will arrive packaged all together with instructions and it’s a breeze to install (Additional connecting flue pipe might be required).

    4 Mounting Options Available

    Every install is unique and we’ve got a solution for whatever you need to get the job done. The 45º Through-Wall Flue Kit can be used in conjunction with EnergyLogic wall mounting brackets to help get around eaves or other obstructions that might prevent the use of standard brackets (All installations must adhere to local codes).