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    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Above Ground Oil/Water Separators.

    Oil/Water Separators from Containment Solutions, Inc. (CSI) are designed to separate free oils and settleable solids from rainwater runoff and washdown applications via gravity or pumped flow. Their separators feature 10ppm effluent discharge, low maintenance and superior Containment Solutions quality.

    Typical applications for Aboveground Oil/Water Separators are:

    Equipment Washdown/Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

    Water from washdown sources are contaminated with oil and/or grease from trucks, cars and other dirty equipment. Either through direct flow or pumping when necessary, CSI Oil/Water Separator Systems remove free oil and grease to achieve an effluent quality of 10ppm to meet your discharge requirements. The concentrations and types of contaminants determines the allowable flow rate through the system.

    Specialty application separators are also available to meet specific needs such as:

    • Mop-up units
    • Portable units on casters
    • Rainwater Runoff CSI Oil/Water Separators remove free oil and grease to achieve an effluent quality of 10ppm to meet discharge requirements.
    • The major design parameters which determine your specific needs include:


    Remediation Systems

    • Specific gravity of contaminants
    • Inlet flow rates
    • Inlet oil concentration
    • Oil storage capacity
    • Oil spill capacity
    • Temperature
    • Effluent quality requirement


    Above Ground Features and Benefits:

    Standard Tank Features:

    • Superior CSI quality and workmanship
    • Rugged steel construction
    • Interior epoxy coating
    • Exterior epoxy coating
    • Removable top and maintenance friendly design
    • Removable non-metallic coalesce (s) and debris plates
    • Bottom support feet
    • Oil pump-out pipe
    • Fittings for vent, oil sensor, oil removal, inlet, outlet


    • Pump Platform
    • Air-operated inlet pumps
    • Automatic oil pump-out systems
    • Level sensing systems
    • Exterior protective Elastomeric Polyurethane coatings (EMPT)
    • Double-wall units
    • Scavenger tanks
    • Effluent pump-out systems



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