• 12May


    New HVLS Fans Product Announcement – AirEffect™.

    We are excited to announce a game-changing technology, AirEffect™. This optional control system senses and automatically maintains a desired room temperature using EnergyLogic HVLS fans. Simply set the desired temperature range, and AirEffect™ takes care of the rest.

    Our customers will appreciate:

      • No control adjustments
      • Optimized fan performance
      • Savings on heating and cooling
      • Continuous comfort

    Features and Benefits:



    Through one controller, AirEffect™ controls up to thirty fans and provides the versatility to divide these fans into four zones. With zoning, the owner can set customize fan operation parameters for specific areas like welding or the office.



    Two sensors per zone, one at the ceiling and the other at the floor, gather humidity and temperature data. They are independent, external sensors, so the controller can be mounted in a different room than the fans and sensors.



    AirEffect™ takes the temperature and humidity measurements from the sensors and calculates the heat index to understand what the temperature feels like, due to humidity, rather than just the air temperature. AirEffect™ calculates the speed and direction necessary to deliver the desired effective temperature.


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