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    Top 5 Advantages of Using Gearless Fans.

    By Jaylin Krell

    If you’re looking into HVLS fans or any other kind of solution for increased airflow, you should know about gearless fans. These cutting-edge HVLS fans are superior to traditional fans in almost every way – here are five of the most important:

    1) No leaks

    If your HVLS fan doesn’t have a gearbox, it means there is no need to worry about lubricating fluid leaking out of the fan and causing a mess or damage to the fan itself. With a gearless fan, you don’t even need to use lubricating fluid, since there are no gears that need to be kept smooth.

    2) Less maintenance required

    No matter how advanced the gears on a conventional HVLS fan are, at some point they will wear down and need to be fixed or replaced. On a gearless fan, maintenance procedures like these are unnecessary. The most sophisticated gearless fans use sensors to gather operating data in real time and make power level adjustments on the fly, which further cuts down on maintenance and operating costs.

    3) Makes fans lighter

    Without a heavy gearbox, an HVLS fan is significantly lighter. Consider MacroAir’s AirVolution-D780 HVLS fan compared to Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil X3.0. Both are flagship fans for their respective companies. But when you compare the 347-lb weight of the 24′ Powerfoil X3.0 to the 239-lb 24′ AirVolution-D780, you can see the advantage of gearless technology. The AVD780 has a significantly lighter hanging weight than the Powerfoil X3.0. A lighter fan can be applied in a larger variety of facilities and angles, and will experience less wear and tear over the years.

    4) Less electromagnetic interference (EMI)

    When using a high-end gearless fan, you don’t need to worry about placing a variable frequency drive (VFD) in the right place. Since these fans are powered by onboard processors that regulate the fan’s operation, there is no concern about interference from a VFD causing problems with other electronics in your facility, or vice versa.

    5) Installation is easier

    An HVLS fan without a gearbox can be installed more quickly because it doesn’t require guy wires or a VFD. Since the fan is lighter and has fewer components, it is also safer and less strenuous to install an HVLS fan without a gearbox. Mounting hardware for gearless fans is generally simpler as well.

    Final Thoughts on Gearless HVLS Fans

    There are many reasons to choose a gearless HVLS fan to fulfill a need for greater airflow in your facility. While comparing your options, be sure to research the specific fans you are considering. Some manufacturers call fans with sophisticated gears “gearless”, even though they aren’t. With enough time spent on your search, you can find a great fan that suits your budget as well as your requirements for cooling.

    Source: www.macroairfans.com