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    What You Need to Know About Waste Oil Holding Tanks.

    Waste oil holding tanks are specifically designed to store waste oil—far exceeding the capacity of ordinary fuel tanks. Sophisticated waste oil holding tanks are sustainable and highly effective at maintaining the cleanest possible waste oil by reducing the potential for recontamination. Some tanks even go as far as to remove excess impurities from the oil that naturally settle and separate. Preserving quality waste oil is critical for efficient burning later on.

    What to Look for in a Waste Oil Tank

    Managing waste oil is a delicate process that should only be done with the right equipment and knowhow. Start by reaching out to an expert that can advise you on some best practices. As you move forward and consider purchasing an oil tank, look for the following:

    An elevated fuel pick-up capability. This apparatus sits six inches above the bottom of the tank. Since impurities will invariably settle after sitting for a period of time, this feature keeps them from being reintroduced to the oil—leaving you with cleaner oil than what you started with. The fuel pump source. This is important for people who lack their own air source and want to disregard it altogether. These fuel pumps allow you to pump directly from the source, since air and humidity can cause problems when it comes to storage. Low fuel cut off technology. Certain tanks can detect low levels of fuel, which signals the system to turn off. This feature helps eliminate problems and keeps the tank from running unnecessarily. In turn, this can help you save energy and money.

    An onboard drain valve. This will make cleaning a breeze. Drain valves allow easy removal of impurities, contaminants, sludge, and other impurities, which tend to settle at the bottom of the tank over time. A tank without this feature calls for an incredible amount of maintenance!

    The correct size. Some models can be used in the home, but others are fit for commercial facilities. Therefore, tanks that come in various sizes (such as 130–500 gallons) are going to give you more options and adaptability. A tank that comes in a smaller size is a better fit for your personal home needs. Additionally, the size and type of tank can potentially affect how efficiently your tank and waste oil heater work together.

    A tank that meets regulations. A waste oil tank that meets EPA used oil management qualifications is a sustainable tank that’s probably designed well. Energy leaders who meet EPA guidelines and standards care about protecting the environment and people. If you want to buy sustainable and energy efficient products, keep an eye out for the EPA seal of approval.

    A warranty. You can never go wrong with a product with a great warranty. A timely, money back guarantee also suggests that a company is confident in the quality and performance of its products—and that you can be too.

    Sustainable materials. Although we’ve come a long way in waste storage, from wooden barrels to steel tanks to anti corrosion, we’re still learning about what it means to store hazardous materials safely and in an environmentally friendly way. Tanks made by leaders in the energy field and recognized by the EPA are likely built with the best materials.

    Whether tweaks are necessary. A provider that offers waste oil tank accessories for your product is always a plus. For example, Energy Logic gives customers the option of purchasing a tank emergency vent, which provides extra protection against flame combustion. The company also offer an additional filtering option that helps remove excess particles from oil before it enters the tank, saving your drain valve and tank some extra work in the future.

    The right provider. A provider that adapts to your installation needs and provides continued phone and field support is a valuable resource. In addition to phone, email, and field support, Energy Logic also provides in-depth how-to videos on its webpage to help customers get started and feel confident about their investments. The Energy Logic support team takes pride in the ability to offer continuous, compassionate support. We’re committed to providing guidance 100% of the way, as needed, for every customer.

    Understanding your needs and identifying which waste oil tank is right for you can be taxing. Knowing which features are low maintenance and cause the least amount of problems is critical to making an informed decision.

    Source: www.energylogic.com