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    4 Benefits of Buying Large Fans from a Distributor.

    Buying your large fans from a distributor may seem a bit antiquated in this age of eCommerce, but it’s still the best choice. Why? Because distributors build up their name by offering exceptional, personalized service to their customers. Distributors provide a host of local pre-sale and post-sale services, ensuring their customers purchase the correct products and enjoy the solutions they set out to achieve. Here are some key benefits to expect from working with a large fan distributor:

    1. Pre-sale Support to Select the Best Fan

    The joint efforts of a manufacturer and its distributors deliver a positive experience for someone interested in purchasing large fans. Typically a large diameter fan manufacturer provides detailed information on its products and the solutions they achieve via its website and printed materials, like brochures. When you start your research on large diameter fans, the manufacturer’s website is a great resource.

    Distributors really shine once you’ve decided large-diameter fans are something you’d like to install in your facility. It’s a big step to get from, “Some fans would be nice,” to “These are the fans I need to get the results I want.” Large fan distributors are trained by the manufacturer to identify the correct fans, mounting systems, and layouts for a variety of applications. Some distributors also have access to the manufacturer’s air visualization software which allows them to scientifically calculate and map the airflow the fans would generate in your space. Buying from a distributor will ensure you achieve the results you expect from the fans.

    1. Site Visit from a Distributor

    Top-quality distributors will stop by your facility for a site visit. During the visit they will handle the basics, like measuring your space and ceiling height. In addition, large diameter fan distributors know the importance of identifying these critical factors before selling fans:

    • Building use: Is it a high activity space like a gym or a low activity place like an office? This helps determine the appropriate airflow speed and volume.
    • Current issues: What problem are we trying to solve? The number of fans and fan spacing may differ for a cooling solution and a condensation mitigation solution.
    • Building construction type: A metal building will differ from a concrete building in regards to climate control.
    • Year the facility was built: This helps identify the insulation used in the building.
    • Lighting: Buildings often need airflow and lighting in the same areas. Properly integrating fans and lighting is critical.
    • Obstacles: Large diameter fans need adequate clearance to operate safely.
    1. The Power of Local Connections

    Buying from a distributor means you get to do business with a company that drives down the same roads, enjoys the local food, and understands the complexities of your business environment. Local business share an interest in the prosperity of your economy – a rising tide lifts all boats. Also, the distributor is your advocate with the manufacturer. Your interests, from pricing to product, are supported by your distributor.

    1. Installation and Post-sale Support

    The majority of large fan performance issues stem from poor installations. Pair a weak building structure with the wrong mounting system, and you’ll have a problem. Mount your fan too close to the ceiling, and you’ll stifle it. Fail to wire the fan properly and you’ll fry the board. As you can see, hiring a good installer is as important as purchasing the correct fans. Distributors will know the best local installers or use the manufacturer’s installer network to find one.

    Issues may arise over the life of your large diameter fans. For example, if you have a power failure, the fans may throw a fault code and stop running. Your local distributor can stop by to reset the fans and make sure they’re running properly.

    Large Diameter Fan Distributors Support Their Customers

    In the long run, taking a bit of extra time to work with a distributor as you purchase a large diameter fan will be well worth it. A great fan distributor will help you understand your space, pick the best fans for your needs, and ensure they continue to work for you long after purchase and installation.


    Source: www.macroairfans.com