• 13Apr


    EL HVLS Fan Boasts the Most Advanced Motor Technology.

    When is a fan more than just a fan? When it helps you perform better and more efficiently, creating all-season comfort with reduced energy bills. The EnergyLogic HVLS fan delivers state-of-the-art technology and convenience to you workplace. See how.

    Transverse Flux Turns Motor Physics on Its Side

    EnergyLogic fans are powered by transverse flux, revolutionizing the way your business heats and cools. Transverse flux motors are highly efficient and provide torque to push fan blades at reduced weight, creating more revolutions per minute while using less energy compared to traditional fans. In the summertime, an EnergyLogic HVLS transverse motor fan can reduce your energy costs up to 30 percent when combined with traditional HVAC equipment.

    In the winter, transverse flux fans recirculate trapped warm air to your workspace below, cutting your heating costs up to 20 percent. Our fans are so powerful they can lower your ambient room temperature 5 to 15 degrees in the summer time or work in reverse to keep your employees comfortable in the winter by redistributing heat. No matter the season, transverse flux HVLS technology brings your employees comfort and productivity.

    Efficient, Consistent Operation

    EnergyLogic fans use NASA technology to deliver outstanding, consistent operation, creating more power and savings. Each fan blade has been painstakingly measured and produced to create the perfect contour for moving air, all while putting the least amount of strain on the motor. Blades are vented to recirculate air to the motor, keeping it cool and allowing it to run efficiently. Each EL HVLS fan blade is constructed from anodized and stainless aluminum. They are completely customizable. Save on your energy costs, without having to think about it.

    Powered by Revolutionary Design

    Big HVLS fans lead the charge with a cutting-edge motor that requires only two moving parts. By comparison, traditional DC motor fans require hundreds of gears and complex moving parts. Our simple, intuitive, yet revolutionary design creates climate control that is quiet and saves energy, since it is significantly lighter than other fans on the market.

    Our patented motor creates 50 percent more mechanical horsepower and nearly twice the wind power, despite being one-third the size of a traditional DC gearbox. Featuring a smaller design and delivering more climate control at a lower price point, EL’s fans are the only transverse motor HVLS fans available.

    Our Fans Set Us Apart

    Emerging Department of Energy regulations will set EL’s HVLS fans on top of the competition. The DOE is currently establishing new rules regarding energy consumption and conservation for commercial and industrial-grade fans. As they implement these regulations in an attempt to make workplaces more sustainable, businesses will turn to transverse flux motors for their heating and cooling needs. Our fans will emerge as leaders in the marketplace, delivering seamless climate control at both a cost and energy savings. Get in on the ground floor – DOE regulations will go into effect soon, and an Energy Logic HVLS fan will keep your company compliant while delivering increased performance, consistent operation, and the optimal temperatures to encourage productivity, no matter the season.


    Source: energylogic.com