• 29Mar



    The sleek and styling Harvey Exhaust Rail includes hose, adapter fitting to vehicle and adapter fitting to ductwork stub. The overhead system is easily installed in an existing or new building. It has an elliptically shaped aluminum rail that allows for efficient air flow. It’s gliding trolley assembly allows drops to be shared among bays. It includes a 12” standard rail length for ease of installation (custom lengths are also available). Pinned joints guarantee easy alignment of rail sections. “Positive pull” – nut & bolt joining system with gasketed seams to ensure a simple trouble free installation. The trolley assembly can be fitted with the TS-30/40 Drop Assembly, #3-Skyhook Drop Assembly or any of the RHR Hose Reel Configurations. Heavy duty trolley assembly is fitted with eight ball bearing wheels for smooth operation.

    The tubing will not crush or have to be replaced like a hose with an internal wire helix. Eliminates the hanging “elephant trunks” as well as hand or winch type pull up sets. It will not scratch vehicle or chrome exhaust pipes. Can be driven over with no harm to the adapter or vehicle. Shipped completely assembled, supplied with aluminum coupler that slips over 5” stub or “T” of duct work. Duct saddles also available. None-crush neoprene rubber. Telescopically designed. Non-crush neoprene rubber tailpipe adapter. One size tailpipe adapter fits all.

    The exhaust hose supplied with the reel is fabricated of Silicone Fiber-glass with an internal wire helix and rubber coated. It is high heat resistant to 600ºF and meets U.S. Military and commercial specifications as well as United States Air Force requirements for high temperature stability. A Harvey Hose Reel is shipped pre-wound and complete with the following components: retracting hose reel with automatic recoil, lock, and latch, SF exhaust hose, 4’x6” duct connecting exhaust tube with clamps, tailpipe adapter, and stop collar with clamps.

    Harvey exhaust removal systems include under-floor, overhead, thru-the-door, thru-the-wall, welding exhaust and automatic retracting hose reel. These systems provide the proper ventilation for automobiles, light-duty and diesel trucks, buses, tractors, toxic fume and welding exhaust.







    Link: https://fclift.com/products/above-ground-systems/