• 28Feb


    Why Graco Fire-Ball?.

    Established in 1955, the Fire-Ball has built a legacy as the mainstay pump in the lubrication industry. Look inside the Fire-Ball pump which has endured the test of time.


    Field-Proven Reliability

    For nearly 60 years, Graco Fire-Ball pumps have been a mainstay in the lubrication marketplace for durability and long life. Designed for the toughest applications, the Fire-Ball repeatedly outperforms and outlasts the competition.


    Graco Fire-Ball pumps have fewer moving parts for less repair, minimal downtime and many years of reliable service. Constructed with a thick cast aluminum air motor housing these pumps are built to withstand the toughest environments.

    Innovative Product Solutions

    Graco offers a wide variety of products that support your lubrication business. Our selection of quality pumps will not only make your business run more smoothly, but save you money and time.