• 08Mar


    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Pipp Mobile Tire Aisle.

    Pipp Mobile Storage System’s mission is to design space-saving systems that are responsive to customer specific storage needs; to manufacture our systems to the highest quality standards; and to provide a level of sales and service support that is unsurpassed in the storage products industry. Our extensive product line allows us to tailor our systems for many different storage situations and we have the manufacturing capacity to handle high volume requirements. Our sole focus continues to be on developing ways to help our customers use their storage space wisely.


    The concept is to create more space by compacting storage and eliminating fixed aisles. This, in turn, creates a single aisle system that increases storage capacity by as much as 80% (over traditional configuration).

    • Parts Storage
    • Tire Storage
    • Stock Replenishing
    • Tool & Supply Storage
    • Archival Records
    • Storage

    mobile carriages mechanical-assist mobile carriage

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    Link: https://fclift.com/products/parts-room-shelving-systems