Splash Lubricated

Champion Advantage Series – The Champion Advantage Series offers a complete line of compressed air packages that meet any application.  The Advantage Series has been carefully engineered to stand up to years of use. (Picture of Advantage Compressor)

  • Heavy Duty Two-Stage, Splash-Lubricated Air Compressor Pump(s)
  • Multi-Finned Cylinders
  • Integral Cylinder Head
  • Intercoolers for Cooling Between Stages
  • Reliable High Flow Disc Valves
  • Tapered Roller Main Bearings
  • Balanced Crankshaft
  • Oil-Level Site Glass
  • Centrifugal Unloader for Loadless Starting
  • 0–300 PSIG Air Pressure Gauge
  • Factory Fill with ChampLub Lubricants
  • Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
  • ASME Code Air Receiver
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Service Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Oversized Inlet Filter

Champion Centurion II  Series- Loaded with rugged features, splash-lubricated Centurion II Series reciprocating compressors deliver long-lasting performance and tremendous value. (Picture of Centurion II Compressor)

  • Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pump
  • Two-Stage Design
  • 100% Cast Iron Compressor Pump
  • Alloy Steel Reed Valves
  • Oil Level Sight Glass
  • Oil Drain
  • Deep Finned Intercooler
  • Large, Cast Iron Flywheel
  • Industrial Grade Intake Filter and Silencer
  • Factory Filled with ChampLub AC Lubricant
  • All Pumps are Factory Tested Prior to Shipment

Champion Commandair Series – Champion Commandair reciprocating air compressors are designed and manufactured to the same quality standards as our larger, industrial models.  These packages are sized for smaller air requirements such as small industrial plants, schools, small automotive centers, and do-it-yourselfers. (Picture of Commandair compressor)

  • .5–3 HP Range
  • 90 PSIG
  • 8–10.2 CFM
  • Vertical, Horizontal or Base Mount
  • Sprinkler Systems Available
  • Splash Lubricated
  • Single Stage
  • Cast Iron Cylinders & Crankcase
  • Ductile Iron Crankshaft

Champion Evolution Series – The Champion Evolution is four times quieter than typical unenclosed reciprocating compressors of the same size.  With such a dramatic decrease in decibels, the Evolution continues to be the perfect choice for applications with intermittent duty and a low noise requirement. (Picture of Evolution Compressor)

  • Multi-finned cylinders for cooler operating temperatures resulting in long life and consistent performance
  • Two compression rings and one oil control ring to ensure low oil carry-over and provide efficient air delivery
  • Large-diameter finned tubing with the greatest cooling effect between stages for maximum compressor efficiency
  • Pressure relief valves located in inter-stage intercooler and discharge line for safe compressor operation
  • Precision balanced flywheel with cast fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and longer life
  • Removable manifolds for easy serviceability
  • Balanced rugged ductile iron crankshaft with large diameter throws for minimum bearing loads and counterweights to minimize vibration
  • Rugged cast iron oil reservoir with convenient sight glass gauge, corner oil fill boss and large oil drain for user-friendly serviceability
  • A pressure switch allows the compressor to start unloaded every time—ensuring the lowest amount of starting torque is required by the electric motor

Champion R-Series – Loaded with rugged features, the R-Series splash-lubricated compressors deliver high performance, long life and tremendous value. (Picture of R Series Compressor)

  • Multi-Finned Cylinders for Cooler Operating Temperatures
  • Integral Cylinder/Head Design for Trouble-Free Operation
  • Balanced Pistons
  • Piston Rings Provide Excellent Oil Control and High Efficiency
  • Lightweight, Two-Piece Connecting Rods
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Large Diameter Finned Intercoolers
  • Optimized Cooling Fan/Flywheel
  • Reliable High-Flow Disc Valves
  • Tapered Roller Main Bearings
  • Balanced Crankshaft
  • Large Capacity Cast-Iron Crankcase
  • Centrifugal Unloader for Minimized Starting
  • Power & Completely Load-Less Starting

Champion Value Plus Series – The Value Plus compressor line was engineered for industrial applications that require a gas or electric driven compressor. (Picture of Value Plus Compressor)

  • 3–15 HP Range
  • 100–175 PSIG
  • 2–44.4 CFM
  • Splash Lubricated
  • Vertical & Horizontal Tanks
  • Engine- & Electric-Driven Units
  • Compressor Pump Specifications:
  • Splash Lubricated
  • Single- & Two-Stage Design
  • 100% Cast Iron
  • Oil Level Sight Glass
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Large Flywheel Blades for Maximum Cooling
  • Reed Valve Design
  • Deep Finned Intercooler
  • Industrial Grade Intake Filter and Silencer
  • Capable of Pressures up to 175 PSIG
  • Factory Filled with ChampLub AC Lubricant
  • All Pumps are Factory Tested Prior to Shipment

Saylor-Beall – As a prime manufacturer of industrial grade air compressors for more than 90 years, Saylor-Beall has built its reputation on quality and the proven ability to meet the special needs of their customers. (Picture of Saylor-Beall compressor)

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