Keyed Remote Solenoid Valve System controls air supply to equipment with the turn of a key up to 2000 feet away. Helps assure air compressors or oil pumps are idled when unattended.

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Solenoid Valve System:

  • Stop unauthorized use of pneumatic equipment.
  • Prevent pilferage of bulk oil/product inventory.
  • Low voltage.
  • Red LED indicates valve is on/open.
  • 12 volt DC, 1/2″ NPT ports, 200 PSI max.

007 SV Solenoid Valve:

  • Low voltage solenoid valve.
  • Shuts off air to pump when 007 is in alarm condition.
  • Can be located up to 350′ away from 007.
  • Wall mount transformer included.
  • 12V DC.
  • ½” NPT Ports
  • 10-200 PSI

007 SVT Solenoid Valve with Timer:

  • Same as 007 SV with added timer.
  • Shuts off pump, saving labor time and equipment failure due to unattended pump station.
  • Simply turn knob to desired time (3-15 min.) and get back to the job.

Heavy Duty 007 Power Relay:

  • SPDT [N/O or N/C] dry contacts for a variety of applications, i.e. drive electric pumps, turn lights on/off, etc.
  • Contact rating – 30 amp or 1 1/2″ HP at 120 or 240 VAC. UL recognized. DPDT available.


107-Decibel Siren:

  • Ideal for remote locations.
  • Low voltage.
  • Can be located up to 350 feet away from 007 tank gauge with 18-gauge wire.

Remote Tank Sensor:

  • Designed for use with Sentry or 007 tank gauge.
  • Ideal for 2nd sensor or interstitial space.
  • ½” x 6″ PVC tube can be replaced for monitoring low tank. Please specify 007 or Sentry.
  • 2″ x 1½” NPT tank fittings available.

Strobe Light:

  • Low voltage
  • Ideal for remote locations.
  • Can be located up to 350 ft. away from 007 tank gauge using 18-gauge wire.

UL Transformer:

  • Self-resetting.