Refrigerated Air Dryers

Champion’s CRN Series refrigerated air dryers are engineered to benefit you today and tomorrow from the tradition of durability that is Champion. Quality components and engineering excellence meld to ensure you of a stable ISO Quality Class 4–5 pressure dew point. These exclusive compressed air preparation packages combine reliability, cutting-edge design, and innovative packaging into a single space saving unit. The air quality delivered from a CRN Series dryer may define the difference between moderate and superior results from your plant’s processes or systems.

Champion’s CRE Series air dryer automatically cycles the refrigeration compressor on and off in response to inlet load conditions. As the inlet air load is reduced, the refrigeration compressor cycles off, providing you with savings.  The load matching design saves energy and reduces your costs.

SBD10 thru SBD75:

Saylor –Beall 10-75 scfm models feature a patented static condenser design established as the quietest in the industry.  In operation, cool compressed air exiting the evaporator at a 39ºF dew point pre-cools the warm compressed air as it enters the dryer.  Inlet air temperature is reduced to save space and energy.  The traditional air-cooled condensing unit is eliminated.  Coil spacing is increased 400% to resist fouling from dirt and rust.

Saylor-Beall 100-300 scfm models feature traditional refrigerated drying technology.  In this flow range, they deliver a space-saving package with established component designs.  These full-featured dryers achieve a high-rate of heat transfer with non-fouling, smooth-tube copper heat exchangers.  The hot gas bypass valve precisely controls the flow of refrigerant.  Once coupled to capillary tube sensors, Saylor-Beall is able to deliver stable pressure dew point temperatures and avoid freeze-ups – even under no-load conditions.

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CRN Series

  • Three levels of Intelligence Controller (I-Controller) packages to allow you to
    customize the CRN Series dryers to meet your specific requirements. This lets
    you choose which I-Controller package represents your best value.
  • Select Heat Exchanger arrangements to ensure you get the right combination of
    value and efficiency in every size. This secures your investment today and tomorrow
    with energy efficiency and the best warranties in the industry.
  • Combination Separator/Filter that incorporates our 99% efficient 3 micron Grade B elements. This ensures you of consistent water removal (especially under low flow conditions).
CRE Series

  • Optimized Cabinet Design – Promotes ease of access from all four sides, certified to CSA C22.2 No. 236-05 / UL 1995
  • Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers – Compact, thermally efficient, ensures delivery of an ISO 8573.1: 2009, Air Quality Class 5 pressure dew point
  • Integral Filtration – Standard Filter/Separator removes solids down to 3.0 microns, and oil aerosols to 5.0 mg/m3, Optional Cold Coalescer removes solids down to 0.01 microns and oil aerosols to < 0.01 mg/m3
  • No Air Loss Condensate Drains (Standard on all models) – Mechanical float drain is standard on models 90–140 scfm (153–238 nm3/h), Electric demand drain is standard on models 190–675 scfm (323–1148 nm3/h)
  • Hermetically Sealed Refrigerant Compressor -Environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant, high reliability, long service life
  • Rugged Glycol Reservoir – Stores food-grade propylene glycol cooling media, Leak-free, rotational molded construction
  • Reliable Thermal Media Circulation Pump Continuously moves cooling medium through the dryer, cartridge design promotes reliability and ease of service




Lighted Compressor on/off switch Dew point indicator 115v/60/1 grounded, 8ft, power cord Timer operated drain valve, insulation valve, strainer Panel mounted drain valve adjustments R-134a, HFC refrigerant Reciprocating compressors Copper tube-on-tube heat exchanger
10 -15 X X X* X X X
25-50 X X X X X X X
75-150 X X X X X X
200-300 X X X X X X


* Float Drain is standard on Model SBD10



Constant pressure expansion valve 302ss heat exchanger, demister & moisture separator Capillary tube & hot gas bypass valve Fan Cycling High pressure cut-out switch CSA Approved
10 -15 X X
25-50 X X
75-150 X X X X X
200-300 X X X X X