Tire Changers


The Revolution Tire Changer:

The Revolution tire changer machine is truly one-of-a-kind. This fully automatic tire changer is the easiest tire changer to use in the industry, and recognized as the 2015 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards, as well as a PTEN Innovation Award and PTEN Innovation Award’s People’ Choice Award all in 2014.

Featuring a space-saving wheel lift, “Go” pedal and Powered Press arms fully automatic tire changer machine is equipped with everything you need to effortlessly and effectively service vehicles.

Step up to the Revolution fully automatic tire changer, and add the convenience and superiority of Hunter Engineering products to your shop.

Center Clamp


The quick clamp design of the Hunter TC3300 rim clamp tire machine allows for fast, simple clamping of popular wheel designs.

The center wheel support of this innovative tire changing machine gives the flexibility to easily mount large assemblies with overall diameters up to 50 inches. Wheels clamp to the tire changing machine safely through the hub, not on the rim edge, where marring damage can occur. The powerful, high-torque electric motor on this industry-leading rim clamp tire machine exerts 800 ft.-lbs. of torque to handle difficult assemblies.



The TC3700 center-clamp tire changer features a tilted ergonomic design and polymer mount/demount head to simplify use, provide unobstructed access to the lower bead and protect the wheel face.


The Auto34S tire changer combines simple operation and unmatched capability to easily and safely change the world’s toughest tires and wheels. The Auto34S is the most advanced leverless tire changer in its class, with a simple three-button control, memory function and diameter control, the Auto34S saves time and takes the strain out of mounting and demounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies.

Table Top


The TCX50 conventional table top tire changer is the heaviest model in its class, featuring a long service life and an easy-to-use adjustable tabletop you won’t find in an ordinary tire changing machine.

The TCX50 table top tire changer features a unique 110V or 220V motor to generate more torque than popular air or electric models, while completing jobs 15% quicker than the competition. The optional bead press system on this tire changing machine provides tremendous power and control for mounting and demounting.


Hunter’s TCX51 Professional tire changer is the heaviest model in its class and offers a long service life.


Hunter’s TCX53 Performance Tire Changer with bead press system! The TCX53 tire changer machine is the heaviest tire changer in its class and offers a long service life.

TCX57 & TCX56:

The Hunter TCX57 and TCX56 leverless conventional tire changer combines traditional design elements with advanced capabilities to provide superior service with simple operation. The leverless tire changer provides superior tire changing capabilities. The TCX57 features a swing-arm mounting apparatus and a tabletop clamping system familiar to most technicians. The leverless tool head lessens the stress on the operator and eliminates potential damage to beads and rims.


R1150 Leverless

High Performance True Leverless Tire Changer

The R1150 is a no-lever action, hub mounting tire changer that offers a safe and efficient way to change a large variety of difficult tires and wheels.

This tire machine can handle the most challenging tire and wheel combinations. The operator guides the machine using a simple 2 button control. The risk of marring a wheel or damaging a bead is non-existent, because all contact with the tire and wheel are made not on metal but on durable non-abrasive components. The wheel is fastened through the center hole by using a quick release shaft and wingnut along with a non-abrasive plastic centering cone.

The electrical motor is equipped with an exclusive, innovative inverter, which regulates rotational speed by pressing foot pedal. Rotational speed slows as the stress on the bead increases avoiding any damage to the tire.

Compared to competitor’s models the R1150 Maximus is both simpler to operate and simpler to maintain. This tire changer is powerful using a 220v inverter motor, torque is always available when needed. The driver motor offers the operator true variable speed control so rotation speed can be customizable. The R1150 Maximus is built for maximum performance and includes pneumatic help device, wheel lift, and a full range of bead clamp devices and other adaptors.

This tire changer is great on low profiles, runflats, exotic rimes, and other specialty jobs while also able to change difficult light truck combinations such as 17.5” and 19.5” super duty wheels.

R145 Tiltback

Automatic tire changers

The R145 Tiltback is a top-of-the-range tire changer model with double-acting bead breaker cylinder, designed to work on low-profile and large-sized steel or alloy rims. The pneumatically tilting column ensures peak rigidity to prevent rim damage. Works easily on any wheel up to a maximum width of 15”. Features extra-wide heavy-duty frame. New standard high adherence clamp with renewable spikes. Integrated protection for alloy rims.

R145D Tiltback VSC

The R145D is an automatic tire changer with an innovative electrical motor inverter, which gives the ability to regulate the chucking table rotation speed to reduce the stress on the bead to avoid any damage to the tire. This tire machine is also equipped with the Fast Inflation (FI) configuration.

R146 Swingarm Pro

Swing tire changers

High performance swing arm tire changer for the high volume tire center. Exclusive 110v drive motor provides needed torque for handling today’s difficult assemblies. The large and reinforced frame adds greater rigidity to the structure and chucking table. The gear box is installed between two steel plates avoiding flex during operation. The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allow operation on tires to a maximum 15” (381 mm) tire width.

R140I Swingarm

Heavy duty swing arm structure guarantees proper working conditions for every job. The exclusive 110v single speed motor provides needed torque and the rigid self-centering chuck with a wide clamping range handles a variety of needs. Equipped with a galvanized, double-operating bead breaker cylinder.


The patented operating system of the R501N tire changer is one of a kind. With this distinctive design, the changer is equipped with four rollers positioned on both sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions.

With this system, the dismounting of the tire is a simple operation: while the front bead breakers keep the bead in the drop center, the rear breakers continue their course until the dismounting is complete.


The R560 Roadside tire changer is designed for roadside and workshop service. It is easy to use and suitable for closed vans or small workshops. Controls are protected on changer console and the hydraulic clamping and chucking table are suitable for agricultural tires. Center locking feature – single central docking with ring nut.


The R511 Super Duty heavy duty truck tire changer gives the ability to service a wide range of wheels. The operating dimensions of the clamping unit and of the head-tool carriage allows operation on a wide range of wheels, including super-single. The controls, with lever type hydraulic distributors, enable user to regulate the speed of the tool holding carriage.