Waste Oil Heater & Boiler Accessories

AirScape Air Release Valve – Prevents air from reaching burner

Foot-Valve for Top-Suction Kit – Prevents loss of prime during long off cycles

Four-Unit, Gravity –Feed Tank Assembly – Combines multi-unit capacity with the efficiency of gravity-fee for the ultimate in large-facility comfort

Boiler Brush –Specifically designed for EnergyLogic boilers and keeps you system running at peak performance

Burner Brush Kit – Specifically designed for EnergyLogic boilers and keeps you system running at peak performance

Draft Inducer Kit – Ensures optimal drat is achieved for peak performance

Remote Pressure Gauge Kit – Monitors pressure even when the fuel pump is obscured

Air Pressure Test Gauge – Checks the output pressure of the air compressor

Air Compressor Silencer – Keeps the air compressor on your waste oil heating system running quietly

Top Suction with 1-inch Foot Valve – Fuels your waste oil heating system while preventing impurities from impacting performance

Fuel Gauge – Easy to read stick gauge shows fuel level in your waste oil tank

Furnace Cleaning Tool – Makes regular maintenance quick and easy

High Point Bleed Assembly – Purges air from the waste oil heating fuel system when fuel piping is routed with high points which can trap air

Electric Transfer Pump – Transfers fuel from a remote bulk fuel source to a day tank

Manometer – Measures draft to ensure you have the right pressure and airflow for optimal combustion

Hot Filter Band – Helps heat up the waste oil for reliable combustion in low-temperature conditions

Flue Brush – Easy cleaning for the flue and chimney

AirScape – Captures and purges air from the fuel line before it can reach the burner

Boiler Mixing Valve Kit – Maintains the return-water temperature at optimal levels

Air Intake-Outside – Corrects negative air pressure and assists with debris in the air

Side-Suction Kit – Fuel delivery assembly that draws from the side of the tank preventing entry of water and adulterants

Remote Hour Meter –Makes run-time tracking easy no matter where the heater is mounted

Low-Fuel Cutoff – Multi-unit – Allows multiple furnaces and/or boilers to draw fuel from one tank with their operation interrupted when the fuel level becomes too low

Low-Fuel Cutoff – Interrupts the operation of the unit when the fuel level is to low

Extension Rod – Provides extra reach when cleaning your waste oil heating system

Used Oil Drain Pan – Filters out adulterants while filling the waste oil fuel tank

Domestic Water Coil – Heats city water

Tank Emergency Vent – 4 inch – Prevents tank from becoming over-pressurized and possible rupturing if ever exposed to fire

Cleaning Tool with Extension Pole – Makes regular maintenance a snap

Furnace Wall Brackets (pair) – Mounts waste oil furnace on the wall

Down-Flow Vent – Directs heat down where you need it

Multi-Directional Louver – Sends heated air where you need it

Standard Louver – Allows air dispersion from both sides when the furnace is ceiling-mounted

Tank Mount Kit –Mounts waste oil furnace to the fuel tank

SmartStat Wireless Thermostat and Monitoring System– Stay connected to your waste oil heating system wherever you are

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