Softwash DF

Utilizing the same 3-brush technology and patented SofTecs foam brushes as our SoftWash XT, the SoftWash DF is a perfect match if your priority is just clean cars and not driving higher revenue per car. Car dealers seeking happier service customers and higher CSI scores fit the bill. As do convenience stores whose priority is handling the volume and keeping wait times short.

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SoftWash DF provides the lowest operating costs of any rollover system without sacrificing the quality of the clean. This model is perfect for car dealers or retailers who don’t want up-sell options. Our patented SofTecs foam works together with our 3-brush design to safely clean and polish vehicles. With a design that’s proven at over 35,000 sites worldwide, we promise you won’t be disappointed.



  • Chemicals located on-board/no equipment room required.
  • HubScrub wheel brushes to thoroughly clean wheels.
  • Choice of on-board or freestanding dryers.