PKS Lifts MID-RISE Air-Hydraulic Mobile LIFTS

PKS Lifts Mid-Rise Air-Hydraulic Mobile Lifts 24,000lb. to 48,000lb. Capacity

PKS Mid-Rise Air-Hydraulic Mobile Lifts are designed to maximize the amount of space in your service bay. Models are available in 24,000, 36,000 and 48,000 lb. total capacities and are customizable to 96,000lbs. PKS Mid-Rise lifts are offered in either air hydraulic, electric or battery operated models.  The adjustable forks accommodate tire diameters ranging from 26” to 48” and fixed 72″ forks for the 96,000lb capacity.

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  • Features & Benefits

Mid-Rise Air-Hydraulic Mobile Lifts Features:

  • Eight mechanical lock positions with single point lock release.
  • Adjustable forks for tires ranging from 22” to 48” diameters.
  • Air hydraulic lifting with one 4 HP air/hydraulic vane style pump.
  • Large spring-loaded wheel casters for easy mobility on all surfaces.
  • Includes standard bumper lifting adapter and adjustable forks.
  • Can be ordered with forklift truck lifting ramps and adapters.
  • Available with optional wider and/or longer forks.