OMER Mobile Columns

OMER Mobile Column Lift 14,500lb & 19,000lb Capacity:

OMER’s state-of-the-art MCO MOBILE COLUMN lifts allow you to lift any vehicle safely and efficiently, anywhere. These portable vehicle lifts are uniquely designed to facilitate mobility and ease-of-use in restricted work areas. The lifts modular design includes a spring-loaded or hydraulic assisted steering handles to provide greater maneuverability. The MCO MOBILE COLUMNS are offered in both battery/wireless and battery/cabled designs and can be operated to be used as a single unit, in pairs or as sets of up to 10 units.

• Capacity: 14,500 & 19,000 lbs.
• Wired & Wireless Operations
• Tire Sizes: 6 in. to 53.1 in.
• Lift Cycles Per Charge: 25
• Raised Height: 69 in.

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MCO Mobile Column Feautres:

  • OMER MCO series of wireless, heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic mobile column lifts have been designed to increase productivity in workshops, servicing both commercial or public sector vehicles.
  • The new MCO columns are also designed to complement the popular OMER KAR and VEGA platform lifting systems, currently in service worldwide.
  • Compact design provides greater maneuverability with a lower center-of-gravity for easy mobility.
  • The “Easy Steer” spring assisted steering handle has a tight turning radius, providing great effectiveness on rough floor surfaces, and can be locked into position by a foot brake.
  • OMER’s Mobile Column lifts can be used as a single, paired, or in sets of up to 10, allowing greater flexibility. Available in two different models with capacity of 14,500lb. and 19,000lb.
  • A set of (4) 19,000 lb. columns can lift up to 76,000 lb. The adjustable forks have capacity of tire diameters ranging from 23.6 in. to 53.1 in.
  • Depending on the application or service condition, the synchronization can be achieved with either wireless technology or conventional cable communication.
  • These portable vehicle lifts have lower maintenance costs than other products in the market.
  • OMER’S Mobile Column lifts are equipped with a tablet style control with a color LCD touch screen that provides live pictorial and numerical information.
  • MCO can achieve maximum height in 85 seconds.
  • Premium batteries will provide up to 25 lifts (at 85% loaded capacity) before requiring a recharge.
  • Equipped with two-speed lowering with audible alarm for fast and safe lowering.
    • Chassis lifting beam
    • Light truck adapter
    • Forklift adapter
    • Snowplow wing adapter
    • Pelican style street sweeper adapter
    • Portable adjustable wheels stands
    • NEMA rated waterproof cabinet

Tech Specs:

Specification 14,500lb/ 6.5T Capacity 19,000lb/ 8.6T Capacity
Max# of Columns 8 10
Load Support Adjustable Forks 13.6″/345mm Adjustable Forks 15.3″/389mm
Tire Size 25.6″-53.1″/ 650mm- 1,348mm 25.6″-53.1″/ 599mm- 1,348mm
Support Frame Height 4.72″ Leg Extension 4″
Safety Locks Hydraulic + Mechanical every 3.34″ Hydraulic + Mechanical every 3.5″
Stroke 69″ 69″
Lifting/Lowering Time 85sec 85sec
Rear Traveling Device Dual Hydraulic Suspension 7.87″ Spring Loaded 6.3″
Power Voltage 24v 24v
Avg. # of Lift Cycles Prior to Re-Charge 25 25
Motors 4HP 4HP
Battery Capacity 55Ah or 80Ah 100Ah
Charging System Requirements 110v/220v 1ph 110v
Charging Amperage 8amps 2.5amps
Control LCD Display 4.3″ LCD Display 5″
Synchronization Continuous without increments Continuous without increments
Control Modes Single, Paired or Group (up to 8) Single, Paired or Group (up to 10)
Protection Class IP54 NEMA3S/ Available in waterproof cabinet IP65 – NEMA 4x IP54 – NEMA 3S
Column Weight 1,300lbs. 1,525lbs.
Length of Column 47.9″ 45.5″
Width of Column 45.3″ 45.3″
Height of Column 94.4″ 89.8″
Part Number MCO14B-4-56 MCO19B-4-76