FreeStyler Car Wash

The Belanger FreeStyler® soft-touch automatic is designed from “the top down” to offer an open, airy and pleasant wash experience we call ClearBay®.

While floor-mounted rollovers can feel claustrophobic, the FreeStyler® is different. Its overhead gantry design opens up the wash bay, speeds up loading and increases throughput.

Once each vehicle is loaded, the effective five-brush system delivers a thorough clean and unsurpassed throughput among soft-touch in-bays.

The available HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® provides multiple revenue generators in one exciting package. The HydroBlade® surrounds the vehicle with 10 high-pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of ‘nooks and crannies,’ creating a soft-touch/high-pressure ‘combination wash’ customers will gladly pay more for. Included with the HydroBlade®, or available separately, the Wheel Stinger® delivers focused wheel cleaning with 15 high-pressure nozzles per side and on-board Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs).

The unique overhead gantry design of the FreeStyler® has another benefit, too. It keeps the wash gear up and away from dirt and water – preventing the grit and ice related failures that plague floor-mounted rollovers.

To maximize reliability and savings, Variable Frequency Drive motors provide soft starts, delivering prolonged equipment life and reduced peak energy costs. Rugged motor-and-gearbox units are epoxy coated, and floating mounts minimize bearing loads, extending component life.

For peace of mind, all wash wheels simply push out of the way in the case of an accidental drive-off, eliminating potential vehicle and equipment damage. The patented pivoting top wheel floats out of harm’s way, avoiding possible damage associated with competitors’ guillotine-style top wheels. What’s more, the optional Whisper Wheel® top wheel fill runs quietly, increasing customer perception of a thorough, yet gentle wash process.

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  • Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • Triple Foam
  • Sealer Wax
  • Drying Agent
  • Bug Spray (with floor-mounted manifold)
  • Onboard & Freestanding Vehicle Dryers
  • DuraShiner® CF tire shiner