EnergyLogicheaters are the simplest to own and operate. That’s because the heaters run on fuels from 5 to 90 weight (even synthetics) and provide consistent, reliable fuel delivery, regardless of fuel type, without manual adjustments.

EnergyLogic started from scratch to engineer the only boiler made specifically for waste oil. Their boiler is an ASME-certified true-vessel made of heavy carbon steel. The wet-floor based heater exchanger is entirely surrounded by water. This prevents the hot-spots that contribute to premature failure. These boilers produce more warmth with less maintenance by creating a flame that’s twice as hot as the competition’s. The patented flame retention head is designed for complete combustion, which offers two big benefits. First, you get the industry’s highest heat output. Second, you get the longest maintenance intervals, due to a flame hot enough to incinerate more impurities and leaving less ash to clean.Cleaning is quick and easy with a swing-open boiler door and removable rear panel that offers easy access to the firing chamber.

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  • BTU Input:375,000 BTU (110 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate:2.7 gallons/hour (10.2 liters/hour)
  • Water Output Temp:230º F (110º C)
  • Capacity:43 gallons (162.75 liters)
  • Exhaust flue diameter:8”
  • Dimensions:45”H x 28”W x 60”D
  • Weight: 1042 lbs.