EnergyLogic waste oil heaters are the simplest to own and operate. That’s because the heaters run on fuels from 5 to 90 weight (even synthetics) to maximize the efficiency and heat output of the waste oil you burn. The patented metering pump provides consistent, reliable fuel delivery, regardless of fuel type, without manual adjustments.

The stainless steel heat exchanger is able to withstand the higher temps produced by this burner. Stainless steel is also a superior heat conductor, which means you get warmer faster. It also does a superior job of incinerating contaminants that lead to corrosion. That’s why the life of EnergyLogic heaters are measured in decades not years.

These heaters are even ductable, allowing you to install your furnace in the most convenient spot while still channeling warmth where you need it.

Cleaning is quick and easy with a swing-away burner and ash removal port that offers unparalleled access to a chamber made of one wide tube. With this design you’ll get more uptime between cleanings and make short work of your maintenance routine.

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  • Heats up to 9,000 square feet or approximately eightor more service bays
  • BTU Input:350,000 BTU (102 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate:5 gallons/hour (9.4 liters/hour)
  • Heat Rise Over Input Air:100-120º F (37.8-48.9º C)
  • Airflow:2600 cfm
  • Exhaust flue diameter:6” or 8”
  • Dimensions:22”H x 22”W x 117”L
  • Furnace Weight: 415 lbs.