Inspection Lane

Inspection Integration

Drive revenue and increase customer retention by utilizing integrated Hunter inspection technology. Now you can quickly identify profitable repair opportunities and secure service authorizations easier than ever before!

Hunter inspection technology integrates with leading industry partners to span the entire customer service experience. Our partners integrate with virtually every major dealer management and shop management system. Contact your local Hunter sales representative today to learn more!



Quick Check System

Hunter’s Quick Check® is your one-stop vehicle inspection system. These automated inspection systems can complete a full, comprehensive vehicle inspection in under two minutes. The Quick Check® system gathers valuable information about a vehicle’s alignment, brake performance, battery health, diagnostic codes, tire health and more, allowing shops to check every car, opening the door to new revenue opportunities while improving customer retention.

Hunter’s vehicle inspection system is available in multiple configurations to suit your shop.

Quick Check® truly is the must-have vehicle inspection system for your shop. Learn more about Hunter’s industry-leading vehicle inspection systems today.

Quick Tread

Driven by Hunter’s award-winning WinAlign® software, Quick Tread® — Hunter’s drive over digital tire tread depth measuring tool — automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in seconds.

Quick Tread® measures tread depth, analyzes the data on-site and instantly displays results.

Quick Tread® operation has no recurring monthly charges.

Quick Check Drive

Hunter’s patented® system combines the power to an unmanned inspection drive-through with tire tread depth measuring tool and providing insights into total toe and individual camber on each tire in seconds.

Quick Check Drive® measures tread depth, analyzes the data on-site and instantly displays results and providing total toe and individual camber. Provide a seamless experience and optimize efficiency for your technicians.