Heavy Duty

ForceMatch HD

Heavy-duty truck and bus wheel balancer with full diagnostic capability to solve vibration issues.


Heavy Duty Pit Racks

Servicing Heavy Duty vehicles has never been easier thanks to Hunter’s line of Heavy Duty pit racks. Our pit racks offer full-depth pits for maximum efficiency as well as a shallow pit alternative.  Popular options for this line of truck alignment equipment includes a Heavy Duty Pit Jack option with a 32,500-pound capacity, as well Rolling Jack Support.

RKHD Power Rack

Hunter’s RKHD Series of power lift racks brings innovative safety and versatility features to the shop to make heavy-duty alignment fast and easy.

This heavy-duty wheel alignment equipment can adjust to support vehicles up to 20,000 lbs. per-axle, with a runway width of 33 in.

This truck lift rack bolts directly to the bay floor providing maximum strength. Each leg has a level adjustment for maximum accuracy, while adjustable wheel stops provide clearance for vehicle service operations. These power lift racks also feature a non-skid surface, preventing wheel spin and its inside rub-rails prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runway.

You won’t find any other truck lift rack or bus lift rack on the market with the innovative features and ease of operation as the Hunter RKHD.


The Hunter TCX625HD heavy-duty truck tire changer combines compact size with a unique mount/demount roller mechanism making it a high-performance tire changing machine. The TCX625HD Tire Changer is optimized for servicing of heavy-duty, over-the-road truck assemblies.

This truck tire changer allows for fast and easy demounting and mounting in as little as 30 seconds. Safety is a standard feature of this heavy duty tire changer, which functions close to the ground with no hammers, bars or lifting required.

It’s the perfect tire changing machine for specialty wheel assemblies, complete with a standard hook attachment to mount and demount tubed, sharp edge and more wheel types.


The Hunter TCX640HD is an efficient electro-hydraulic-powered heavy duty tire changer that combines a range of unique features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized machinery faster, easier and more profitable. This tire changing machine can do it all.

The exclusive operator-friendly features of the TCX640HD Tire Changer make operation safe and simple. This truck tire changer features standard disk and hook for mounting and demounting, hydraulic-powered carriage shuttles and integrated storage. This powerful tire changing machine also has a 3527-lb capacity, and is incredibly efficient, running its power pump only when the heavy duty tire changer is in use.


WinAlign HD Alignment System

We at First Choice know firsthand that every second your piece of equipment is down you lose profit revenue. Quick response and repair is essential to our customer’s success. We have an established fleet of fully stocked vehicles that are ready to be dispatched all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Southern Connecticut. It is important for our department to remain flexible in order to respond within hours of an emergency.

Emergency requests such as:

  • Air compressor failures
  • Lubrication pump failures
  • Lift failures and vehicles stuck on lifts
  • Waste oil heater failures
  • And more…