Brake Lathes

BL500 Series

The BL505 combination brake lathe brings speed, precision and versatility to the brake shop. The unique design of this combination lathe allows the operator to change the setup of the brake lathe from rotors to drums and vice versa with unprecedented speed and ease. The BL505 brake lathe handles rotors up to 23 inches and drums up to 28 inches in diameter, giving the BL500 combination lathe the ability to service a wide range of vehicle applications.

The BL500 Series combination brake lathe also offers a heavy-duty bench lathe option to make brake service even faster and easier.



The Hunter QuickComp® On-Car Brake Lathe system keeps your brake service a cut above the rest. The QuickComp Brake Lathe system was the first to introduce Hunter’s revolutionary Anti-Chatter Technology to provide a smoother surface finish. The QuickComp Brake Lathe virtually eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.

The QuickComp On-Car Brake Lathe can service each rotor in less than nine minutes, and also utilizes exclusive precision machining and Hunter’s patented Variable-Speed Drive System to service rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality.