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    How Does Ceiling Fans and Aerobiology Work Together?.

    Let’s clear the air. The role industrial ceiling fans play in aerobiology.

    Help Improve Your Air Quality Health

    Protect your business, employees and customers from chances of virus transmissions.

    Our partners at MacroAir provides a full line of high quality HVLS fan systems to help fight air borne disease and illnesses.

    Circulate. Elevate. High Volume. Reduce Humidity!
    A high-volume low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fan moves vast amounts of air at low speeds to distribute airflow over large areas.
    With proper ventilation and mass flow of air, elevated airspeeds can decrease the transmission of airborne disease by reducing moisture accumulation and spreading germs and bacteria.
    Click on the video below to see how the fan works!

     An industrial fan plays an important role when reducing the flow of airborne microornganisms.


    Thorough air circulation

    • Mixes trapped warm air from the ceiling with the cooler air below, helping to keep everyone comfortable
    • Leads to more effective removal of pollutants
    • Reduces the likelihood of experiencing “sick building syndrome”


    Elevated air speeds

    • Create a perceived cooling effect during warmer months, having a positive impact on productivity and employee morale
    • Decrease the transmission of airborne disease by reducing moisture accumulation that spreads germs and bacteria
    • Make it more difficult for contaminated droplets to find a path to uninfected people


    High volume, powerful air flow

    • Can cool 22,000 square feet!
    • 1 MacroAir fan vs. 34 small industrial fans!
    • Maintains energy efficiency


    Reduced Humidity

    • Reduces the likelihood of having damaged products and equipment
    • Decreases the chances of slipping hazards

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