• 14Feb


    New Rotary MACH FLEX Mobile Column.


    Red Fire gives you the ultimate in lifting versatility, mobility and flexibility! Exclusive software means no more cords, keys, or chips. Two, four, six or eight column configurations can accomodate heavy duty vehicles up to 150,400 pounds!

    Rotary’s versatile, remote-controlled, mobile lifting system gives you the power and mobility to make service repairs anywhere in your shop.

    Faster set up and operation



    Technicians simply follow control commands. Not having to wait at each column to sync before moving to the next column saves critical set up time. Remote control auto detects and connects when communicating to the columns.

    Give your techs the ability to move around and ensure all is well with the vehicle being lifted.  The auto resume feature mean you’re in the bay and up with even more time to spare.




    Shows each lift column with yellow indicator light while pairing, and

    green light once columns are ready to go.

    Controller includes:

    • On/off power button
    • Info screen
    • Battery indicator
    • Joystick control for up and down movement
    • Single lower-to-lock button
    • E-stop control
    • Convenient auto resume
    • Press ProtectTM eliminates accidental button presses and preserves battery life



    Lock Light

    Featured on each column, light indicates when lift is set on its locks.


    2 MCH18K-BOX-TRUCK[1]

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